Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic

Haven't done a photo challenge in a while so decided to put together something quickly .... With the recent office move (a consistent event that happens every 3 years) .... Thought it would be nice to put together some old photos from Gateway East for memory sake Old photos in my iPhone taking using Leme … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic

Boxing Day Clearing

Finally got started on some spring cleaning 1 day after Christmas aka Boxing Day .... Decided to start off with the bookshelf in bro's room as I think it has been about 2 years since I cleared that out (most of the time I focus on the storeroom & living room area where my stuff … Continue reading Boxing Day Clearing

Friday Night Chill Out …..

Overdue picture post! 😛 Have been busy youtube surfing, hence a bit lazy to go into wordy entries (have 2 topics in mind) ...... Pictures tell a story as well, keke Busy busy work week that ended with some nice chill out over wine yesterday (Friday) evening. (But of course still gotta catch up on … Continue reading Friday Night Chill Out …..