Tuesday Musings: Your Baby Is Ugly

Came across another interesting sales motivation/self-development article from one of the newsletters that I subscribe to. http://thesalesblog.com/blog/2014/11/21/your-baby-is-ugly/ This article rings hollow to a certain extent as part of my work involves telling prospects/clients the ‘truth’ – as versus to telling them what they want/like to hear. Selling Financial Services involves a certain degree of responsibility … More Tuesday Musings: Your Baby Is Ugly

Timely Reminder :)

Have been ‘grinding’ away ever since my return back to Singapore post hols! Before I continue on my Japan travel entries & more photo loading on Facebook, a timely reminder from one of my all-time favourite motivational gurus Brian Tracy on the most fundamental mission for my business / work …… Next up – need … More Timely Reminder 🙂

Tom Hopkins Article

Came across 2 articles from Tom Hopkins (P/S: He’s a sales teacher/guru) earlier. Understand Your Potential Client’s Fear When Selling Financial Services (link here) Thought the above article is pretty apt as I go into the last ‘cheong’ lap before banding year closes off in June. F.E.A.R can be such a stinker at times isn’ … More Tom Hopkins Article