Freestyle – Y (Please Tell Me Why)

Have been taking a break from dramas throughout the week …… and catching up on some 1 Night 2 Days (1N2D) Season 3 episodes on Youtube. Particularly the Struggling Friend Special which totally cracked me up 😛

It was also from this same special that I found an old school KPop/Hip Hop band rediscovered – Freestyle …… as one of its members Mino came on as Defconn’s friend/guest.

This song is one of their signature hits. There was also a popular remake by Wilbur Pan called 不得不愛 ….. but this is the original which many consider way superior.

P/S: The Mino here is so different from the ‘struggling’ Mino in 1N2D 😛


A Chinese Ghost Story 倩女幽魂 (1987) – 黎明不要來

Taking a break from my travel entries for yet another music post 😛

Was having a random conversation in branch whatsapp group about Wu Ma’s recent passing and the conversation went on to about 倩女幽魂 (the original 1987 movie). Noted my comment in the whatsapp group that 2 out the trio in the movie (Lesile Cheung and Wu Ma) have passed on in life and gone elsewhere ……Poigant and sad in a way.

Went to youtube yesterday while working in the office, and did a search for this subtheme that was played in the movie (rewatched it last year on my iPad). Lesser known than the theme song that Lesile sang, but 黎明不要來 comes up in the appropriate moments to heighten the romantic tension (you have to watch the movie again like what I did to get what I mean). It is also a testament to Sally Yeh’s power as a singer. You hardly get such power singers in the pop scene these days, which means 80s cantopop such a classic!

K.Will – You Don’t Know Love

Taking a break from travel blogging and posting a music-related entry instead (whilst going through discussion agenda for tommorrow’s ‘very important’ meeting) …..

Have been pretty much out of touch with KPop happenings as the Hallyu Wave enters into a consolidation period. As mentioned, was preparing and going through tomorrow’s discussion agenda, and decided to have some music on the side.  Randomly clicked on K.Will’s newest single (released in October 2013) – You Don’t Know Love. I must be living in a mountain hole, didn’t even realise that K.Will released another mini-album just recently 😛

Source: StarshipTV Youtube

Like the fact rather being ballad-type sorrowful, the song takes on a easy-listening R&B feel, with a bit of jazzy beat (given the background piano). And of course, K.Will has divine vocals – his vocal ability can make any genre sound good! A great song to have playing while doing your activity (work, exercise, on the MRT etc.)

Hello October .. Random JPop Rant .. And Roly Poly

Back home after October began with heavy rain 1st thing in the morning which was perfect weather to snuggle in bed …but fat hope! Had a early morning work/business appointment with closed case to start off this quarter 🙂 …… pushed myself and made it for afternoon spin at Raffles gym …… and resting my legs in front of computer since I reached home (thought today’s class was less intense than last Saturday’s Hill ride but legs are feeling the effects now as last workout was evening run on Monday!) ……

Something different to kick off my 1st entry for October, instead of talking about deep thougts/reflecting on my life as per my past few entries,  decided would blog about something a lil’ different today ……

Came across this link while catching on some k-entertainment news on allkpop earlier – Akimoto Yasushi announces AKB48 sister group, “TPE48″!

My 2 cents worth:

Already 48 people (read wikipedia introduction here on the original concept group called AKB48 started back in Japan – liken them to the current in-thing, similar to Morning Musume in the early 00’s, also with their numerous sub-groups) is a handful …. and horror of horrors, more subgroups get branched out – starting with SKE48 and bla bla bla (refer to article for full list of sister groups) …… My rant here is that this factory style manufacturing is getting out of hand and beyond ridiculous. The girls not only look the same/generic/blah …. the songs are erm pretty bad too, as with most manufactured girl bands (or pop groups for that matter). Greed is to saturation point where the creator thinks he is so ingenious to bring this concept across to Taiwan and duplicate it wholesale. A country’s unique pop culture i.e. what CPop is to the chinese/taiwanese, KPop to the koreans and JPop to the japanese (Note: this does not mean that KPop songs rehased to Japanese versions qualify as pure JPop …. for discussion another time) ……

And yes, even a small country like Singapore is not spared from the AKB nonsence as well. In case you do not know ……  the AKB48 Official Shop, Theatre and Cafe was set up at SCAPE earlier this year. A case of totally milking it 😛


On the other hand, as per my title, Roly Poly is the title song of T-ara (yes, another girl band, this times its KPop) ….. I like chilling to this song on a lazy Saturday afternoon as it is a nice combination of retro and yet strong grooving synthesiser beat. It is probably more for Summer (given October is the start of autumn/fall) as T-ara had their comeback with this in early July (and was a great success!) ….. Well, the T-ara girls are not the best singers out there, but the concept is good and they have lots of charm. Most importantly, this is a very hummable and radio friendly song …..

To end off ……  ‘loly poly loly loly poly’ all the way to the end of weekend, heh!

P/S: They are pretty cute in schoolgirl uniforms eh ….

KPop Songs For A Rainy Day

Meant to post this a few weeks back but other stuff ‘regrettably’ got in the way. Until I got ‘reminded’ of it when sitting down at the computer doing random surfing and listening to KPop on youtube 😛

OK, I was at Toms & Toms Cafe @ Icon Village (Tanjong Pagar area) for an appointment on a rainy Wednesday afternoon (think early June) and whilst waiting for client (who was grossly late!) …… was doing work on laptop and had the inspiration to listen to this song ……

BEAST – On Rainy Days (Live)

This is the 1st single that was released first as a digital single before their official 1st full-length album dropped for their comeback this past 1 month. Since it was a song recorded on a rainy day, I suppose it would sound the best when played on a rainy day – and boy, it sure adds to the mood on a rainy day. (Note: It is already a very good ballad to begin with, and doing well digitally in Korea despite it not being BEAST’s main title track).

Not long after I accessed the song on youtube, the screen in Toms & Toms (that supplies the music for the entire cafe) played this song as well 🙂

The second song that I accessed to next on youtube is …….

BIG BANG – Love Song

BIG BANG was probably the KPop group that got me back into KPop since late last year. Felt that they offered something refreshingly different to the typical boyband out there (which I term to be young kids starting from 88′ onwards, beastly image ala 2PM or trying to be beastly, and after all while, everyone starts to repeat the same concept) in terms of image and musicality, plus the fact that their stage performances tend to be less choreographed.

Anyway back to the song, I guess the greyness of the entire MV + the shades of rock music in the song make it apt for a rainy day as well!

Some ranting here, I also felt Love Song was a much superior track to Tonight, and it should have been the title track instead! And YG should’ve just released a full album right from the start given that BIG BANG were not doing promotions in Korea for 2 years – rather than doing a mini-album (even so, there are recycled tracks!) and trolling fans later with a 4.5 repack (which has the superior tracks in Love Song and Stupid Liar). It can be pretty self-serving and hypocritical to put yourself (or your company and artists) on a pedestal saying you stand for certain values, only to follow suit on what your competitors are doing by releasing a repack album after a mini to ‘rip’ fans $$$.

Rants aside (have plenty more to dissect and comment on YG based on what I’ve been reading off various sites, but not going into an essay here anyway) …… the fact remains that Love Song is my favourite and in my opinon the best song of their comeback despite having a rushed repack and short promotion. Their next comeback looks like a long time away now given Daesung’s traffic accident 😦


One fine weekday evening earlier in the week (think it was Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday .. can’t remember) …… think I came across this video randomly……

This reminded me how good the song was when it first came out (in year 2002) ….. the singer (and composer) of this song 游鸿明 (Chris Yu) was rathercreative to incoporate his old hit song 恋上一个人 into a brand new song called 恋上另一个人with an updated ballad feel and melancholy into the new millenum, with a whole new meaning and storyline (mtv) …… And being the original composer/songwriter of the tune, his delivery is of course the best! Also,  吳忠明 is one of my favourite contestants from Season 2 of  超級星光大道.

Anyway I managed to find the original mtv for this song here ……

There is a even better song IMO from him – 楼下那个女人 . This song is even more igenious as it incorporates the classic tune 新不了情 …… and an absolutely gorgeous MTV to boot starring Shawn Yue and Cecilia Yip …… Too bad wordpress does not support embedded tudou videos so do check it out here ……

Some Old Skool Canto-Pop

Its time to dust off some cobwebs here as I have been blogging more at my other financial blog …… I’m not exactly suffering from blogger’s block …… on the contary, I have a lot of stuff that I would love to share (literally bustling with thoughts) but as I tweeted a couple of days ago, it is all a matter of composing my thoughts and putting it down on blog proper ……

To start things off …… Have been more into old skool canto-pop these days …… thanks to the advent of youtube …..

This song is what I would call cheesy and old-skool (2001 is a bit old in today’s terms) but it is currently one of fav songs to play on my lappie/mp3 player and I have set it as a ringtone as well 😀

VRF – Why Didn’t You

A tiny bit of trivia here for you …..Miriam Yeung’s husband was part of this boyband (b4 they disbanded) but that is not the point 😛 …… Compared to many of the boybands these days in the HK CantoPop scene (and Taiwan and Korea for the matter too), I think that they can really sing so I suppose the lack of a distinctive marketing is their ‘downfall’ aka reason for their disbandment ……

Anyway enjoy!