Japan 2018: The Ramen Edition

Rather than doing dedicated food review entries for a few of the ramen places that I have set out to try for this trip, I decided to combine them instead into 1 entry. Main reason being that I only had a total of 4 bowls of ramen throughout my entire 13/14 day trip. As far … Continue reading Japan 2018: The Ramen Edition

Japan 2018: One Missed Connection & 2 Buses Later

Finally starting my travel blogs proper. And yes, that was how the entire trip began as per the title. So what happened was that my original departure flight from Changi was scheduled to depart on 0040 Hrs 8 November, but ended up getting delayed due to thunderstorm warning. Which meant that the air control tower … Continue reading Japan 2018: One Missed Connection & 2 Buses Later