Throwback: When I Used To Run

Was doing some post-lunch clearing of emails when I came across this link to a running-related comic that I have saved. Link: There are 6 parts to it in total. As I look back at my running days now, it has dawned on me that my very 1st race (Great Eastern Women 10K in October … Continue reading Throwback: When I Used To Run

October Milestone

After a period of procrastination, exercise inactivity (late July till now) ...... I finally got moving and bought a trial pass at Yoga Inc to start yoga proper *grin* And 1st October, being a Saturday and also the 1st day of a new month (and new quarter i.e. Q4) was the perfect day to make … Continue reading October Milestone

Learn From Experience, Reflect, Review, Reboot

21 days into the new year (as today is 21st January 2015) ...... It has been a pretty good start to year 2015 so far 🙂 After getting through a pretty stressful Q4 last year (2014) 'fire-fighting' and 'solving' issues here and there, am definitely thankful for the various positives and good tidings 21 days … Continue reading Learn From Experience, Reflect, Review, Reboot

Progress: Bio Clock & My Ideal Work Day

One of my major 2014 resolutions was to work on my bio-clock and in the process improve my time management. The ideal looked like this ...... Since January, I have been consistently logging down my sleep and wake-up times, timings I leave the house and reach home. Initial timings were pretty far from the 'ideal' … Continue reading Progress: Bio Clock & My Ideal Work Day

Some Thoughts On Work Life Balance

Starting another entry on the go as I head to Bugis for a Saturday pre lunch workout! A topic/subject that has been very close to my heart and which I have made as one of my key 2014 resolutions - Work Life Balance. What prompted this entry was the below which I chanced on a … Continue reading Some Thoughts On Work Life Balance

Finally ….

FINALLY (again) ... managed to find some time yesterday evening to sit down with my green notebook .... This is the notebook where I will do my once a year exercise of writing down & formalizing my new year resolutions (which are also the goals that I've set for myself to achieve) for the brand … Continue reading Finally ….