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On a lighter note for a Monday evening, after all that intensive tweeting earlier in the office ……

One of my favourite drool-worthy hunky actors has just taken himself off the market *sob sob*

An african wedding is indeed rather unconvential / 另类 so as to speak ……

You can also access Daniel Wu’s public blog here …… I browsed through some of the entries earlier (not sorely because he is hunky dory) but seriously, he writes and articulates well and blogs that like are always a pleasure to read 🙂 …… unlike some  attention-seeking, publicity-hungry wannabe(s) whose surname happens to start with a letter L 😛 ……

Anyway back to case file …. Shall settle my recommendations and get it over and done with(instead of leaving it hanging) …… Keeping fingers crossed that it will lead me to the result I want 🙂



After much procrastination and some slight delay, I hereby annouce the ‘official’ launch of my new financial planning blog (from the comfort of air-con and my bed) 😛 ……

Needed to put in some proper disclaimers (lest some people/readers take it as formal advise – which can be a double edged sword if some thing crops up) and the elusive 1st entry before annoucing it to the public …… I do think that social marketing via blogs/websites is one of the low cost ways that we can create out to create awareness on what the public needs to know in order to make informed decisions for their personal financial planning 🙂 ……

In view of the jetski accident/tragedy recently, plus also having come across a recent Sunday Times write-up on Travel Insurance, I thought it would be apt to start off my 1st entry on travel insurance …… While leaving you to read the rest of the entry at the other blog, I just want to say ………..

always remember to buy your travel insurance 🙂

The LOW-down On The 987fm Controversy

Catching up on the RIS LOW drama after a tough day (you’ll know what I mean if you log on to my twitter) …..

Seriously, if this is not shameless, buey hiao bai …. I honestly don’t know what other BOOMZ or SHINGZ words/vocabulary that we can use to describe Ris Low’s latest radio stint that is currently the talk of the town (yes, we even discuss this during jogging warm-down :P) ….. For a person to be this attention-seeking and ‘shameless’ (read her blog and guarantee you will puke as her writing is even worse than Xiaxue), her skin is definitely beyond thick !!


I 200% agree with this letter writer here – A Move Most Risk-y

A move most Ris-ky

What message is 987FM’s new hire sending to teens?

Letter from Pauline Ooi
10:30 PM Mar 31, 2010

// I REFER to Christopher Loh’s Point Of View, “Ris Low on radio – what gives?” (March 30).

Does 987FM need to resort to sensationalism to drum up ratings and attract listeners? Why hire Ris Low – who’s committed credit card fraud, lied to pageant organisers, and coined ridiculous terms such as “Boomz” and “Shingz” to be the third wheel on the daily Shan & Rozz Show, now rebadged as the Shan, Rozz & Ris Show? Senior creative director of 987FM, Georgina Chang, says the reason behind the hire was because “she seems to evoke a very strong reaction from Singaporeans”. So, for the sake of ratings, of hype, 987FM is willing to throw away good taste, proper English and common sense?Ris has promptly proved what most of us have already thought of her: That she is a lazy, irresponsible, rude, disrespectful individual with less-than-desirable English. She arrived to work on her first day two hours late and was rude to her fellow DJ Rosalind Lee. It’s no wonder DJ Rozz left the show in a huff on Ris’ second day, after Ris insisted on leaving the show early. By hiring Ris Low to create hype, 987FM has effectively insulted the quality and hard work of all its other DJs. What kind of message are we sending to the young teens listening?Singapore prides itself for being a meritocracy that values hard work, honesty, respect and responsibility – values which are all antithetical to Ris Low. 987FM must reconsider its decision to hire Ris Low.


To put it plainly, it is a 互向利用 relationship … but to have such BOOMZ and SHINGZ people on national radio simply destroys the credibility of 987fm as a national radio station (although I don’t listen to 987fm anymore) …… duhz

Twitter Spat Between ‘Gurus’

Saw this under MSN news and it is so erm …. WTH lor~!

Suze Orman vs. ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ Guru: He Tweeted, She Tweeted

Personally, I am more inclined to go along with what the rest of the financial planners interviewed mentioned about ‘Suzie wants us to be smart’ (refer to page 1) …… putting in the basics first (cash flow, savings, risk management/protection, wealth accumulation) before talking ‘big’ i.e. building trading systems, property empire etc. ……

More importantly, I always believe that financial advise should be personalized to the individual’s specific needs and requirements and that there is never a one size fits all approach (which brings to mind banc-assurance sales and roadshows which volatile this very principle of ‘personalized advise’ as these channels very drawback is their one-size-fits-all product pushing technique) …..

Seriously, to each to their own, no need for twitter-flaming lah!

大头条 Again!

Just when you think news cannot get any bigger, I must say this is the bomb man!

Refer to the headlines below

Prudential-AIA Integration Could Be Tough

Prudential Confirms Acquisition of AIA

Whilst the days of sales pitches touting ‘tripe-A’ rated insurer and the AIA brand become consigned to history in time to come

Prudential Buy May Limit Consumer Choice

And of course something that doesnt seem so positive for IFAs like us, judging from the way Prudential has terminated UOB Life’s distribution agreement with  IFAs, so we can expect more ‘useless’ roadshows that do nothing to plug the Protection / Coverage GAP yeah 😦 and more blalant product pushing from ban-assurance channels to come? Personally I agree with the article, the last thing that consumer really needs is lack of choices and a potential monopoly – which is anti-competition!!

It remains to be seen how 2 large institutions can be integrated like this …. and that will P have a change of heart and consider distribution via IFA channel considering their track record?

Keep your eyes peered


An update to this entry ……

This is the original letter that sparked off insurers reply. Reproduced as below.


Home > ST Forum > Story
Nov 13, 2009
End exclusion penalty

IT WAS heartening to read on Monday that United States President Barack Obama’s proposed changes to the health-care insurance system passed an initial legislative hurdle which obviously benefits ordinary people (‘US health-care Bill passed in tight vote’).

President Obama’s plan not only helps provide health-care insurance to those who do not have it at lower cost, but also helps to end discrimination by insurance companies against people with pre-existing medical conditions.

I underwent an angioplasty procedure four years ago while working for a company covered under Aviva Healthcare group’s insurance.

When I left the company, I wanted to continue with the insurance but was rejected. I tried to get health insurance under NTUC Income but was quoted such a prohibitively expensive premium, the policy might as well have been restricted to the wealthy.

With medical costs rising in Singapore, I hope the Government will protect uninsured ordinary citizens like me who have a pre-existing medical condition from discrimination by insurers.

Senior citizens are a significant group who need government help to secure health insurance.

The Government could consider a public health-care insurance option to provide medical care, and protect it, for the uninsured, seniors and excluded citizens like me with pre-existing medical conditions.

Kaliannan Tamilselvam


You have heard my thoughts in my previous entry. Of course, once your letter is sent in to the ST Forum, ST has the discretion to edit the original contents (fit for publishing) so there is always the possiblity that the  original contents were edited to show a bias towards certain parties (personal thoughts only ah …. don’t flame me!) …… But the comments made by netizens at the bottom are quite telling ain’t it …….

真的是越瞄越黑 hor!


U.S. futures brace for losses on Dubai debt fallout

Whilst watching the last episode of Daddy At Home earlier, the chinese news headlines flashed some content stating that another financial crisis could come with the above …… Well, attention-catching enough for me to on the computer and checking out various CREDIBLE financial news sources online to confirm what exactly is going on (considering that today is Friday and also Public Holiday as well) …….

OK doesn’t seem as exaggerated as what channel 8 news flashes as claimed (note the use of the word claimed, it is precisely headlines like that which cause un-necessary panic and blood out there) as European indices are turning green once again …… As for US, at the point of writing, as expected, both futures and market have inched down 200+ points …… I would think the impact is only felt in US today as yesterday was Thanksgiving Holiday in US (thus markets are closed!) ……

Still feeling rather switched off (carried over from yesterday, not too good :P) , shall continue with some drama watching and continue reading my book …….. 1/3 of long weekend almost gone!