Awww ……

On a lighter note for a Monday evening, after all that intensive tweeting earlier in the office …… One of my favourite drool-worthy hunky actors has just taken himself off the market *sob sob* An african wedding is indeed rather unconvential / 另类 so as to speak …… You can also access Daniel Wu’s public … More Awww ……

大头条 Again!

Just when you think news cannot get any bigger, I must say this is the bomb man! Refer to the headlines below Prudential-AIA Integration Could Be Tough Prudential Confirms Acquisition of AIA Whilst the days of sales pitches touting ‘tripe-A’ rated insurer and the AIA brand become consigned to history in time to come Prudential … More 大头条 Again!


An update to this entry …… This is the original letter that sparked off insurers reply. Reproduced as below. ———— Home > ST Forum > Story Nov 13, 2009 MEDICAL INSURANCE End exclusion penalty IT WAS heartening to read on Monday that United States President Barack Obama’s proposed changes to the health-care insurance system passed … More Update


U.S. futures brace for losses on Dubai debt fallout Whilst watching the last episode of Daddy At Home earlier, the chinese news headlines flashed some content stating that another financial crisis could come with the above …… Well, attention-catching enough for me to on the computer and checking out various CREDIBLE financial news sources online … More 今天的大新闻