Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Art – Japan Edition

Taking a break from my travel entries to do another weekly photo challenge entry. Time for some cover worthy pictures!

Was browsing through Japan Guide website yesterday and came across this Kyoto feature. Realised that I had a similar shot of Tenryuji Temple taken during my trip last year – taken from outside the temple where the room acts as a sort of ‘frame’ for the Koyo/Autumn Leaves. After some post-editing using Snapseed to submit this picture for a photo contest a couple month back, the colours looked pretty similar post-editing to the one highlighted in Japan Guide. Also mine was taken on 20th November 2013 …… just a few days apart. Nice co-incidence ๐Ÿ™‚

2014-01-29 14.05.54

Another one of my favourite shots, also taken in Kyoto …… when I was leaving Kiyomizudera. Unlike the 1st picture, no filter for this.


And also my favourite ‘egg-yolk’ sunset shot taken on top of the Tempozan Ferris Wheel in Osaka. Similarly, no filter. Used this as the cover photo for my personal facebook as well ๐Ÿ™‚


And one more …… this time from my 2012 Winter trip. One of my favourites as well of the Tokyo Metropolitian Government Building. Took this as we took the short walk from our hotel (Shinjuku Washington) to the observatory located in this building. The juxtaposition of the winter trees shorn of its leaves contrasted against the building was just perfect ……


The original photo challenge entry here


Food Mission: Endo Sushi @ Osaka Central Wholesale Market

Putting this as a separate food review entry to my Day 5 in Japan.

Endo Sushi was one of the outlets that I have specifically set out to try, and came highly recommended by friends and bloggers online. As mentioned in my Day 5 entry, had wanted to go on Day 4 (Sunday) but googled and found out that they are closed on Sunday …… Thus pushed it to Day 5 (Monday) instead as my last activity in Osaka.

Not difficult to locate, based on instructions given by the train station master at JR Noda. About 10 min walk …… Got into the market itself and Endo Sushi is located in the row of restaurants at the other end of the market.



Very tourist friendly as they have English menus ……


Pretty empty as I reached after 9. I guess similar to Tsukiji Market, the peak breakfast crowd is around 7 to 8 plus in the morning. There are also a lot of celebrity endorsements on its walls as well.


Had a omakase set (otherwise known as chef’s choice, where the chef prepares according to the freshest and best ingredients of the day) costing 1050 JPY.


In the following order, from left to right – Hamachi (yellow tail), Toro (fatty bluefish tuna belly), Tai (sea bream snapper), Uni (sea urchin), Anago (eel). Can you spot the difference between the next series of shots and the earlier picture I posted?


If your eyes are sharp, you should be able to spot a layer of soy sauce on the nigiri sushi itself. Typically we will dip the entire piece of sushi into a small plate of soy sauce (+ wasabi for some, but I don’t take wasabi) …… however when I asked for a sauce plate, the staff advised me to layer the soy sauce onto the sushi instead (using the brush provided)!

I guess this difference in eating style meant that flavouring from the soy sauce is kept at a minimum, and as a result, I was able to savour the ‘freshness’ of the fish so much more, heh. Similar to my sushi breakfast meal at Tsukiji for my Dec 2012 trip, the uni is always melt-in-the-mouth. Same with the Hamachi and Toro.

As for the top & bottom pictures, the bottom is basically using my digital camera, but with higher exposure. Thus the soy sauce coating is more visible ๐Ÿ˜›

1050 JPY for 5 pieces (works out to be 210 JPY per piece) seems cheap as compared to my meal at Sushi Daiwa (Tsukiji Market) where it was 3800 JPY for the omakase set (which works out to be 422 JPY Per Piece – set has 8 pieces of nigiri + 1 maki roll, counted as 1 piece) …… however for Endo Sushi, you have to top up an additional 300 JPY for the miso soup, while the miso soup is complimentary at Sushi Daiwa. Thus the average cost per piece works out to be around 270 JPY. Probably a difference of $1.93 in SGD terms (based on exchange rate of 1 JPY = SGD 0.0127). I guess it reflects Tsukiji’s reputation (more tourists) and Tokyo being a more expensive city as compared to Osaka.

Speaking of the miso soup, similar style to Sushi Daiwa, its clockful of clams. However from the orangy looks of the soup, it is heavier on flavouring. I definitely preferred the one at Sushi Daiwa, lesser flavouring which gave it a more ‘in the sea’ kind of taste that I liked.


All in all, it is comparable to having a western weekend brunch in Singapore which would cost around the same (1350 JPY = SGD 17.15, based on an exchange rate of 1 JPY = SGD 0.0127). And of course, fresh fish off Japan’s shores cannot be compared to Singapore’s sushi (in sushi tei, 1 piece of uni sushi is already SGD 4+) as it is way superior in quality and freshness …… Just for quality and freshness alone (irregardless of exchange rate), it is already a good bargain + having sushi in Japan itself is just a totally different experience!

Check out my tripadvisor review here as well ……

Japan 2013: Day 4 Osaka & Nara Day Trip Part 4


Cutting through the Naramachi district whilst on route to Gango-ji.ย  Actually the map does not state Naramachi, it only indicates to keep walking straight. Only realised when writing this now that the district that I passed through was actually Naramachi ๐Ÿ˜›

More on Naramachi here – http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e4108.html. The former merchant district of Nara, as characterised by the traditional machiya (long, narrow townhouses) along the narrow streets ……


Got lost a little bit before managing to get more accurate information from the passer-bys on the road, and finally managed to locate Gango-ji Temple – which is inside a small street.

Just like Todaiji & Kofukuji, Gango-ji is also a UNESCO World Heritage designated site, as part of the Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara. It is also a Buddhist temple, under the Shingon School of Japanese Buddhism, and the oldest buddhist temple in Japan (refer back to my Part 1 entry). Entrance fee is 400 JPY ……


Ganjo-ji is a much smaller temple than Todaiji (or even Kofukuji) as only 3 halls remain preserved (out of the original 7). In terms of architecture, it is more zen-like and serene as compared to Todaiji. There were hardly any visitors as I reached at 4-plus, pretty near the 5pm closing time. Got from a friendly uncle at the entrance counter some directions on how to walk the recommended course round the temple ……


The Gokurakudo (i.e. Main Hall) and the Zen Room. Very nice wooden exterior and very well-preserved.

Ganjo-ji 1

The stone buddhas outside the compound ……

Gango-ji 2

One of the key features of the Gokurakudo and the Zen room that are National Treasures is their beautiful roofs. Japan’s oldest tile roofing called “Gyokibuki” is constructed by partially overwrapping roof tiles of folding-fan shape, which creates varied and quaint expressions.

Source: https://www.jnto.go.jp/eng/location/spot/shritemp/gango-ji-temple.html


Had intended to do some editing to the shots but decided to present it as originally taken in the end as the grey-ness of it makes the tile roofing and the autumn leaves adorning it look more authentic, given that it is already 430pm, where the sky is starting to turn dark ……

Nice temple it may be, but really lush compound which is very well maintained (I guess the entrance fees charged by these UNESCO sites go towards maintenance of such cultral and historical relics) ……


That marks the end of my visit to Ganjo-ji!

Made the walk back to where I came from (i.e the pond as landmark) as the Nara Kotsu bus doesn’t seem to run into the Naramachi district. Saw the shopping street that I took a picture of earlier, and turned into that street. Otherwise known as the Higashimuki Shopping Arcade which leads back to the Kintetsu Nara Station.

Not really in the mood for shopping, but did pop in to one of the drugstores along the arcade to check out the Shisedo Perfect Whip prices. They were selling it for 640 JPY. Total rip off!! (I got it the day before at Osaka Station for 299 JPY only) ….,,

Thank god there were bus stops right beside the Kintetsu Nara Station, and a stop included for the Nara Kotsu bus line. Yes, it’s really near to JR Nara (around 10 min walk) but as mentioned earlier, wasn’t in the mood to do much walking that day + not wanting to let my day pass go to waste …… So took the bus back to JR Nara station.

Reached JR Nara Station a little after 5. Rushed straight to the washroom (and forgot all about getting the leaf sushi :P) …… Walked out of the station to take some pictures before the train comes ….. There are hotels, a huge bridge (leading to some halls and sports facilities I think) around the station area.


1 hour later, back at Osaka Station. Walked around a bit, changed my mind about going back to the Umeda Sky Observatory for the night views as once again, I was really in the don’t feel like walking mode ๐Ÿ˜›

Checked out the Christmas Illumination light up instead at Osaka Station City which starts from the North exit (facing Yodabashi and Grand Front Osaka). Nothing spectacular ……


Changed my mind about checking out the Sweets Museum at Yodabashi Umeda Building (the don’t feel like walking mood at work once again). Saw that there was a Wired Cafe so went up, saw that there was a quene and went back down again …… Ended up window shopping at Daimaru Umeda since there was still time before the food hall closing sales start around 730pm. And walked into the Tokyu Hands Outlet inside Daimaru. Time to do some recee (before I buy whatever I’ve set my eyes on back in Tokyo later in the trip) ……

Tokyu Hands Umeda

No photo taking was allowed inside Daimaru/Tokyu Hands, but the cashier and sales assistants were kind enough to let me take the pictures ๐Ÿ™‚ …. Really interesting items, such as a plastic steamer, great variety of kitchen utensils, stationery, handphone accessories, beauty products etc. …… Truly a lifestyle store in every sense of the word. I guess the variety will be even more humongous back at its flagship store in Shibuya ๐Ÿ˜›

Made it this time round for the closing food hall sales and got what I need. Decided to pack dinner from the food hall to eat in the comfort of my hotel room.

It became the day where I left hotel the latest and came back the earliest (reached around 815 to 820 pm) to ‘re check-in’ to my semi-double western room. Finally a bigger and more comfortable room on a higher floor (less noise from the Karaoke pubs opposite the hotel) …. more space and a bigger bed! Yay!


My eat in dinner! Packed the Rice With Fish (can’t remember what fish) from Hanshin which cost 480 JPY only …. And grabbed the calamari from Hankyu at 180 JPY as the rice was 1 normal bowl rice (rather than being a huge bento) …… Decent meal considering the cost (closing sales) but would have tasted really great if there were microwave facilties in the hotel ……


Last night in Osaka, so got a dessert from Hanshin to round off my meal. The cheesecake should be around 380 to 400 JPY, from a Kobe-based bakery counter called Bocksun. Loved the packaging + it was so nice of them to put in the dry ice to ‘cool’ the cake whilst I walk back to my hotel ……

Very delicious cheesecake that has the exact right texture, yet its light and not too cheesy! Went to google and made a mental note to look out for Bocksun Bakery/Cafe when I get to Kobe the next day, heh …..


Japan 2013: Day 3 Hiroshima & Miyajima Part 5


Interesting sight of another ‘wild’ deer ‘chasing’ after a lady whilst walking back to the pier ……


Bought a stick of fried oysters to try from one of the roadside stalls. Fried food tastes so good in cold weather …… lol


Note: The original picture was too dark, so did some touch-up/editing via Snapseed.

Wandered off into one of Miyajima’s main shopping streets – which is called Omotesando as according to this source …… It couldn’t be more different than the bright lights of Tokyo’s Omotesando!

The sky is quickly turning dark (this is around 525pm) ……


Various shops along the shopping street – including a Miyajima Coffee (cafe), Momiji Manju (a maple shaped cake with filling such as red bean paste, green tea, custard cream), deer crackers (which I ended up getting 2 packs since it can’t be found anywhere else other than Miyajima :P) …… Did not manage to see the Oshakushi ๅคงๆ“ๅญ a.k.a the biggest scoop in the world!


Finally spotted a grilled oyster stall to savour Miyajima’s famous grilled oysters – which costs 400 JPY (for 2 oysters). Stall seemed to be popular as there was a ‘slight’ quene, but ended up to be a close to 20 min wait despite getting a number 5 (the numbers are recycled in rounds of 25 twice!) …… But it was definitely worth the wait as the oysters were really fresh and juicy, yum yum!



Note: Same as the above, the original was too dark. Touched-up using Snapseed to make the oysters look more ‘delicious’, hee ……

After eating up the oysters, walked back to the pier. It was 1 min to 6 when I reached the pier. The sky was already this dark (had to turn up the ISO a bit more to properly capture some shots) ……


Approaching the Hiroshima mainland (on the ferry back) ……


On the walk back to the train station, passed by this chic cafe again (1st spotted it earlier on the way to the pier) …… Bluebird Coffee!




Due to the long waiting time for the grilled oysters earlier at Miyajima, plus having to catch the train back to Hiroshima to get onto the 1917 Hrs Shinkansen (reserved seat on the Sakura 549) back to Osaka, was not able to sit down, relax, sip a cuppa as originally intended. Very small ground floor space leading to level 2, but the cafe creatively used old car protypes to store the various food items and knick-knacks available for sale. Check out my tripadvisor review here …… same as Miyajima, will make it a point to come back again in the future!

Ended up packing a hazelnut latte which I finished up at the train station. The warm drink was timely after being stuffed with oysters at Miyajima ๐Ÿ˜› …… The hazelnut latte is definitely cheap at 390 JPY only as compared to some of the cafes in Osaka and Tokyo so far.


Another 1 1/2 hour shinkansen back to Shin-Osaka. Had to change trains at Shin-Osaka to take 1 stop back to Osaka station itself. On the walk to the platform to change train, spotted more take-away counters and a sounvenir shop selling omiyage (gifts) of the Osaka region. There is now Osaka versions of the Shiroi Kobito biscuits and ‘Osaka Bannana’, heh ……


More cool men on the train ride back to Osaka – Ken Watanabe & Takuya Kimura!



Reached Osaka Station close to 9pm! Since the food halls are closed around this time, plus was still feeling pretty full from the oysters and latte, decided to do some window-shopping around the train station before getting a late dinner/supper ……


Huge array of magazines ……


More restaurants at the top of the building (under Daimaru) ……


Huge Bookstore at the corner of the building. Spotted the dramatized version novel of the recent Summer hit drama Hanazawa Naozi ……

Osaka Station City 2

Crazy choice of takeaway food for dinner at Entree Marche, and cheap too! Lost for choice ๐Ÿ˜›


Decided against it in the end as hotel room has no microwave to heat up the food. After getting some stuff at the drugstore (Shisedo stuff + conditioner – needed one as I packed by mistake the smaller bottle that is almost finished) …… settled for a very late dinner at the 24-hour gyudon place along the main street (the Ippudo beside it still has long quenes even beyond 10pm!). Finally tried the gyudon that I did not manage to do so in my last trip – beef donburi that cost 280 JPY yen (really cheap!) piping hot & delicious, and filling!


My ‘shopping loot’ for the day ……



Got the Kose tablets for the lotion mask earlier at Hondori, and also the deer crackers in Miyajima. Somehow the pictures taken using my iPad had a weird coloring, never mind …….

Not that many attractions covered as compared to Day 2, but it was more ‘quality over quantity’ approach, and a long but very satisfying Day 3!

Japan 2013: Day 3 Hiroshima & Miyajima Part 1


Day trip to Hiroshima & Miyajima Island via shinkansen from Shin-Osaka!

Early start to the day again as it is a 90min (i.e. 1 and 1/2 hour) shinkansen ride, not forgetting that I need to take 1 stop from Osaka to Shin-Osaka (where the shinkansen station is) as I have reserved a seat on the Sakura 549 departing Shin-Osaka at 0920 Hrs …..

Left hotel around 0830 Hrs (if I recall correctly) …… this is how Osaka Station City looks early in the morning.


Managed to find a place to have a quick breakfast. Its Deli Cafe again, this time round another branch right in the middle of the station (near the South exit I think) …… After the lousy breakfast that I had on the train the day before, finally a proper one (well balanced with bread, salad, coffee) – all for 560 JPY only! Excellent deal indeed!


Now I fully understand why breakfast is the most important meal of the day – from a health & mental viewpoint. It sets the tone for the day!

Reached Hiroshima around 1100 Hrs. Took some time to figure out where to go as the station exits are split into 2 sections – the bus station side and electric streetcar side i.e Hiroden. As always, the 1st thing to do when reaching a new place/city is to make a beeline for the tourist information counter for maps and directions ……


Was planning to get a day pass for the electric tram/streetcar but the man who attended to me at the counter advised that I could just take the sight-seeing loop bus i.e the Hiroshima Meipu ru-pu – which is covered by the JR Pass! Since the bus comes in 1/2 hour intervals, and its just 15 min close to the next bus at 1130, decided to have an early lunch before heading to the Peace Memorial Park with quite a few attractions to cover.

Spotted the famous Takaki Bakery (recommended by a blogger) right across the other side of the station (the electric tram side) …. Crossed over and got myself a stick of their speciality – breadsticks with saussage. It was yummy! Also made a mental note to get some bread before the return trip back to Osaka ……


Explored further and went down to level 1 of the station, and found a row of restaurants beside the souvenir shops for lunch. Decided to have Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki for lunch and managed to find a restaurant that serves exactly that, and which wasn’t too crowded as well (since its pretty early at 11-plus) ……


The Osaka version of the okonomiyaki is usually more well-known. However unlike the Osaka version, the Hiroshima version differs in that the layers of the ingredients (batter, cabbage, pork, yaki soba noodles, seafood) are added separately in layers during the cooking process as versus to being mixed together. Of course, I ‘broke’ the layers and mixed them together and added the sweet sauce before devouring it :P. As mine was the house special (with seafood) – it was 1270 JPY. Despite the various celebrity endorsements (which means that restaurant can’t be that bad), however wasn’t that enthused about okonomiyaki after all …… Think it is a matter of personal tastebuds as I found the batter to be too omelette heavy (not a fan of omelette to begin with). Guess it is something good to try in a foreign country – but give me my ramen anytime anyday!

But still, it was a pretty big portion and filling lunch in preparation of the walking and sight-seeing later on. Finished lunch and caught the 1200 Hrs Loop Bus. 4 stops later (a very fast 10 to 15 min ride, smooth traffic all the way), I reached my destination – the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park!



Japan 2013: Day 2 Osaka Part 4


Continuing from where I left off, walked back to Osakako station, and changed subways at Honmachi to get to Namba.

Namba is also another huge station just like Osaka/Umeda – located down south of Osaka,with many dining, shopping and entertainment options. Followed the directions and signs as indicated in the train station. No photos as I wanted to get to Dotonbori ASAP!

Walked straight based on directions given by the train station staff and some passer-bys on the street. Saw this and happily crossed the road …..


After walking inside the street for about 5 minutes, found it to be too quiet and not the famed Dotonburi that I have read and seen so much about, bustling with its many restaurants and shopping outlets. The final clincher was that I even saw some touts/bounchers standing along the roadside. Turned back and saw a bridge, so went on the bridge and finally saw a bit of the famous Gilco Man and Kani Doraku billboard – which indicates the Dotonburi that I want to go!

So crossed the road back to the ‘correct’ Dotonburi. Finally in the right direction as I spot the huge Kani Koraku outlet ……


Saw the start of Shinsaibashi Shopping Arcade at the end of the small bridge. Huge crowds on a Friday night (and its only 6-plus in the evening) ……


Famous icons of Dontonburi – the Gilco Running Man & Asahi billboards!

Dotonburi 1

Time for some food next! Stomach is rumbling. Checked out Kani Doraku, found the dinner sets a tad expensive (ranging from 5000 JPY and up) and decided to just get 2 grilled crab legs at 700 JPY instead (they have stalls outside the restuarant walkway selling the grilled crab legs, takeaway ekiben, and even crab-based snacks), for the thrill of it ๐Ÿ˜›

Kani Koraku

Note: Edited the crab legs picture using Fotor as original image was too blurry

Takopachi next! There are many shops/restaurants selling takopachi along the street. Finally found one that seems to have a reasonable crowd (which means the food should be good) and decently priced at 400 JPY for 6 pieces (there were a few shops selling the same for 600 to 700 JPY) ……

Dotonburi 2

Note: Lightened up the takopachi using Fotor as well

Felt pretty full after the crab legs and takopachi (must be all the flour from it) so gave Ichiran Ramen a miss. Walked the food stretch a bit more, and did not manage to locate the Pablo Cheesecake shop, so decided to turn back. Rather than going southwards and squeezing with the crowd at the Shinsaibashi Shopping Stretch, walked back northwards towards the subway station (where I came from) ……

Instead of going back in the subway station, kept onto the main road and soon reached the huge Takashimaya building right beside Namba station.



Went into the building, into the Nankai Namba station (Nankai is another private railway in Osaka). Walked further up and ‘landed’ in Namba Parks – a pretty new shopping and office complex with a rooftop garden right above the Nankai Railway Station. The rooftop garden was lighted up as part of the Christmas light-up, but personally I did not find it very spectacular. However, the christmas tree right in the middle of the garden has music accompanied with a change in colours which I thought was pretty nice ……

Namba Parks

Namba Parks 2

Walked around a while more before heading back to Umeda area, and back to hotel to check in.

Thanks to the free wifi in the room, googled and checked up Tripadvisor for reviews of the Santa Maria cruise that I did not take. Felt better about missing the last cruise as a quite few Tripadvisor reviews indicated that the views from the ship were quite average as compared to the Ferris Wheel ๐Ÿ˜› …… And enjoyed a fried fish (got it from the Hankyu Umeda Food Hall during the closing sales after walking around it for a good 45 min or so) and beer supper in my room as well ……


Japan 2013: Day 2 Osaka Part 3


The exhibits inside the castle which detail the history of the castle ….. Didn’t really go through the exhibits in detail as I wanted to cover the Castle quickly, but there is always the brochure/pamphlet and google to refer to ……



Osaka Castle 4

Then it was up to the level 7 observatory – which to me is the highlight of the entire Castle.

Excellent panoramic views of the entire Castle, its surroundings, and some of the buildings in the vicinity!



There was actually some barbed wire around the observation deck, thus it was not fully open air. Thought that the wire provided some nice perspective on some of the panoramic scenery shots. Especially the one in the centre bottom where the wires kind of served as a frame ……

Osaka Castle 5

Decided to skip the Nishinomaru Garden. Based on what I saw on the observation deck, the autumn foliage doesn’t seem to have peaked yet + it is already around 1510 Hrs and I would like to quickly get to Tempozan Harbour Village to take the Santa Maria Cruise ……

As I walked back to Tanimachi 4 Chome station (decided to take this route rather than turning left and ending up at a different station), at the traffic junction, I spotted the NHK Building beside the History Museum as well ……


Students on excursion seated right in front of the History Museum lawn (as I was about to go back into the subway station) ……


Then it is a almost 20 min straight journey down to Osakako station (8 stops down the Chuo subway line) …. followed by a bit of walk (based on the direction arrows at the station) …… Luckily the village was not too difficult to spot as I spotted the Ferris Wheel and Tempozan Bridge almost instantly ……

Tempozan 1

It was already 4pm when I reached the Harbour Village itself. Had a bit of confusion trying to locate the entrance to the Santa Maria Cruise, until I was told that it is inside the building itself. So in I went, and saw this ……


It turns out that I have missed the last cruise of the day by a good 10 to 15 min or so. Although prior to the trip I have read online that there was also an evening cruise available at 1730 Hrs, but there was NO ONE at the booking office. Nor there was also any instructions/directions in English. Tried asking a few staff nearby and none could help …… This was kind of a bummer as the cruise itself was entirely covered by the Unlimited Pass (1600 JPY – which is more than 1/2 the cost of the 1 day Pass) and it would have been a nice opportunity to take some sunset/golden hour shots of the Osaka Bay and its surroundings ……

Went back out the building deciding whether or not should I head next to the Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan or the next best alternative for sunset views – the Tempozan Ferris Wheel (where the 700 JPY admission fee is fully covered by the pass as well). Searched through the booklet and confirmed at the ticket booth that the 2013 version pass no longer offers the discounted rate for admission, and that the FULL rate of 2300 JPY applies! However they have packaged prices which combine the Kaiyukan ticket with either the Aqualiner (another sight-seeing) or the Santa Maria (this one caught my interest as the total package is around 2700 JPY for both attractions). Thus decided that I will give the Kaiyukan a miss – as I would prefer to spend that 2300 JPY on something else instead, such as a nice dinner …… Will probably come back and do the cruise and Kaiyukan visit together as a package which seems better value for money – IF I have time after Nara day trip on Sunday ……

So I went back into the building, onto the deck and outside the building (which is an open area directly facing Osaka Bay) and started snapping more scenery pictures ……


While looking out at the sea area, you can see that the sun is starting to set ……


More gorgeous views as I walked out the building onto the open space and towards the Ferris Wheel. You can see that the sun has yet to ‘move’ towards this side ……

Tempozan 2

Reached the Ferris Wheel at the end of the walk, still in 2 minds whether to go up the Ferris Wheel or not (have a slight fear of heights :P) …… So decided to go and explore the mall within Tempozan, as well as take a food cum toilet break ……


Found the food street inside the mall. Walked 1 round, nothing really interesting. Not much variety of shops as well so left pretty quickly ……

Then mustered up all my courage and got onto the Tempozan Ferris Wheel! Turned out to be a fantastic decision as the height was not so scary after all. Most importantly, was rewarded with clear 360 degree views of the Harbour Village and Osaka Bay throughout the 15 min long ride/rotation ……

Tempozan 3

My favourite ‘egg yolk’ sun set right in the middle of the collage!

It was around 515pm when the ferris wheel finished ‘rotating’ …. As there was nothing much else to explore at Tempozan, decided to head to Namba for an early dinner as the sky starts to darken rapidly.