Food Mission 2018: Gotsubo 5坪

Had planned to start off June with a food review entry only to end up trying to decide what to write for the entire Saturday night. After some thought, I decided to blog about Gotsubo 5坪 - as it was one of the most memorable food experiences that I had during my trip. This is … Continue reading Food Mission 2018: Gotsubo 5坪

Japan 2013: Day 3 Hiroshima & Miyajima Part 5

DAY 3 (CON'T) Interesting sight of another 'wild' deer 'chasing' after a lady whilst walking back to the pier ...... Bought a stick of fried oysters to try from one of the roadside stalls. Fried food tastes so good in cold weather ...... lol Note: The original picture was too dark, so did some touch-up/editing … Continue reading Japan 2013: Day 3 Hiroshima & Miyajima Part 5