Food Mission 2020: 58 Minced Meat Noodles

Being 'away' from the office since the start of Circuit Breaker since April meant that I had no access to my usual ba chor mee @ Hong Lim Food Centre. Imagine going from having ba chor mee from almost weekly to none in 2+ months - feels like a long time. And so it took … Continue reading Food Mission 2020: 58 Minced Meat Noodles

Circuit Breaker Eats

If there is one thing that I have been 'avoiding' to do, that is to write/blog after the spate of heavy entries back in May. And so to break the cycle of heavy thoughts and life reflections, I shall blog/document my #CircuitBreaker eats for a change today 😀 With the ban on dining-in as part … Continue reading Circuit Breaker Eats

Reminiscing Autumn

After deciding to do a spring trip (next year 2020) instead of a autumn/winter trip as written here, it turns out I do miss the colourful autumn leaves after all (perhaps it has something to do with work blues) ...... And so, here's a blog entry to 'throwback' to autumn last year when I was … Continue reading Reminiscing Autumn

Lake Toya Part 2

Woke up early enough around 7+ and decided to go for another round of onsen (on a empty stomach) before breakfast. No pictures but the morning soak made a lot of sense as not only was the onsen much less crowded, but yes finally I get to see the clear morning view of the lake … Continue reading Lake Toya Part 2

Lake Toya Part 1

This is most likely the last travel entry for my trip last year before we go into the 2nd half of 2019 and recalibrate. I have written about ramen, donburi/markets, desserts, food reviews for sushi and grilled seafood in Sapporo, and taking the ropeway up to Mount Hakodate for this travel series. While brainstorming for … Continue reading Lake Toya Part 1

Food Mission 2018: Taisho Roman Kissa-Shitsu 大正浪漫喫茶室

Back with another food review entry. As previously blogged, I made a short day trip to Hirosaki (from Aomori), but come to think of it now, it was more like a short stop-over, since I wasted so much time at Aomori before eventually boarding the 1444 Hrs local train for the 50 min journey to … Continue reading Food Mission 2018: Taisho Roman Kissa-Shitsu 大正浪漫喫茶室

Japan 2018: Hokkaido Desserts Edition

Side Note 1: First entry after paying some $$ to upgrade my wordpress package (I mainly need the additional storage space so that I can blog more photo heavy entries. Side Note 2: Started writing this around end March, got 'stuck' and left it for a while before coming back to finish this up 😛 … Continue reading Japan 2018: Hokkaido Desserts Edition

Food Mission 2018: Sushi Ishijima 鮨 石島

When googling for cheap sushi and/or cheap lunch options in Ginza (one of the most expensive districts in the world) - Sushi Ishijima pops up. This place is slightly under-the-radar. I first found out about Sushi Ishijima from Instagram and noted that they serve a 1500 JPY (around SGD 18) lunch set. This is pretty … Continue reading Food Mission 2018: Sushi Ishijima 鮨 石島

Food Mission 2018: Nemuro Hanamaru

Side Note: Come to think of it now, if I had taken a longer break during CNY last week - I probably won't be feeling so worn out with PMS now. And so this means writing another blog entry (something enjoyable which helps to ease the tension/unsettled feelings that come with PMS). As mentioned in … Continue reading Food Mission 2018: Nemuro Hanamaru

Japan 2018: Yokohama Chinatown

Recently there has been a new social media trend - the 10 year challenge! And so, it gave me an idea what to write next on my Japan travel blog series. 4 Japan trips - and I have visited Yokohama (either as day trip or overnight stay) 4 times! So it's safe to say that … Continue reading Japan 2018: Yokohama Chinatown