Food Mission 2018: Taisho Roman Kissa-Shitsu 大正浪漫喫茶室

Back with another food review entry. As previously blogged, I made a short day trip to Hirosaki (from Aomori), but come to think of it now, it was more like a short stop-over, since I wasted so much time at Aomori before eventually boarding the 1444 Hrs local train for the 50 min journey to … Continue reading Food Mission 2018: Taisho Roman Kissa-Shitsu 大正浪漫喫茶室

Japan 2018: Hokkaido Desserts Edition

Side Note 1: First entry after paying some $$ to upgrade my wordpress package (I mainly need the additional storage space so that I can blog more photo heavy entries. Side Note 2: Started writing this around end March, got 'stuck' and left it for a while before coming back to finish this up 😛 … Continue reading Japan 2018: Hokkaido Desserts Edition

Food Mission 2018: Sushi Ishijima 鮨 石島

When googling for cheap sushi and/or cheap lunch options in Ginza (one of the most expensive districts in the world) - Sushi Ishijima pops up. This place is slightly under-the-radar. I first found out about Sushi Ishijima from Instagram and noted that they serve a 1500 JPY (around SGD 18) lunch set. This is pretty … Continue reading Food Mission 2018: Sushi Ishijima 鮨 石島

Food Mission 2018: Nemuro Hanamaru

Side Note: Come to think of it now, if I had taken a longer break during CNY last week - I probably won't be feeling so worn out with PMS now. And so this means writing another blog entry (something enjoyable which helps to ease the tension/unsettled feelings that come with PMS). As mentioned in … Continue reading Food Mission 2018: Nemuro Hanamaru

Japan 2018: Yokohama Chinatown

Recently there has been a new social media trend - the 10 year challenge! And so, it gave me an idea what to write next on my Japan travel blog series. 4 Japan trips - and I have visited Yokohama (either as day trip or overnight stay) 4 times! So it's safe to say that … Continue reading Japan 2018: Yokohama Chinatown

Japan 2018: Resort Shirakami

Haven't been able to write much over the festive season and going into the new year apart from the ramen entry (that was also stuck in the drafts folder for a good number of days). I guess problems with a blocked throat chakra (more on that another time) have limited my freedom/ease of expression (in … Continue reading Japan 2018: Resort Shirakami

Japan 2018: Of Markets & Donburi(s)

Sidenote: The original blogging plan for this week is to do 1 travel entry (the earlier entry on Rainbows) and 1 food review from year 2017. But after going through some photos on my phone, I'm more inspired to do a food & travel entry instead, as I'm still in post Japan Hols blues 3 … Continue reading Japan 2018: Of Markets & Donburi(s)