TGIF & State Of Mind

Originally meant to date this entry for yesterday (Friday) but ended up having a lazy Friday evening without doing any of the intended - blogging, reading my book, preparing for discussion, working on my work campaigns (exciting plans in store) ...... Hence picking up on this entry while in the midst of a client investment … Continue reading TGIF & State Of Mind

Friday Thoughts Part 1: Pain Is Temporary ….

Was officially 'resting' & DVD-ing after my wisdom tooth extraction yesterday noon, and so ended up not touching my blog, work on my emails, my inventory list, and work on my reading notes as originally intended as I didn't really feel like looking at the laptop (and yet indulged in super junior videos on YouTube) … Continue reading Friday Thoughts Part 1: Pain Is Temporary ….

Happy With My Lazy Sunday …

It's rare to be able to have a perfectly lazy Sunday w/o feeling guilty about doing nothing. It was a packed week last week ...... Technically only worked 2 days & spent the next 3 days offsite at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) for APLIC. Got in a workout (Spin Class) on Saturday afternoon & proceeded … Continue reading Happy With My Lazy Sunday …

Fulfilled Saturday ….

Was in a state of f**k for the entire Friday ..... and need to badly fix that! Hence decided that I need some CHANGES, one of them being a style overhaul - starting with my hair. Time for a hairstyle change! Keke ...... Was getting a lil' tired with black (having had it for the … Continue reading Fulfilled Saturday ….

Back From Cameron Highlands …..

Missed last week's daily post + picture post (1 picture a week) but not without good reason - trying my best to recover from flu & cough + weekend trip (branch retreat) to Cameron Highlands & Malacca ..... Whilst still having 2 back-logged entries to finish up and before blogging more about the trip itself, … Continue reading Back From Cameron Highlands …..

Weekly Photo Post + New Blog Theme

As tweeted minutes earlier, WAS intending to upload a picture (inspired by the Weekly Photo Challenge on The Daily Post) but ended up changing my blog theme instead ...... Chanced upon the Twenty Eleven theme (was looking at the Delicious Magazine theme initially but that will cost me $65, arghh) and thought, why not? Its … Continue reading Weekly Photo Post + New Blog Theme