Truth. Perception

As said, the mental/emotional exhaustion from this #CircuitBreaker is REAL. And so I took a week's break from writing/blogging. Struggled a fair bit with lower back pain (QL area again) the whole of last week - which was quite a b**ch to get out of and seriously dampened my mood/energy. However lesser writing/blogging = 5 … Continue reading Truth. Perception

Random Tuesday Thought: Misleading Motivational Quotes

Feel so compelled to write this serious entry now. Confession Time: I was a motivational quote junkie. I actually have close to 1000+ of them saved in my iPad and more in my Dropbox (from my previous iPad history before it got re-booted due to a software issue). However starting sometime from year 2018, over … Continue reading Random Tuesday Thought: Misleading Motivational Quotes

Not That Abstract After All

There will be times when a statement along the lines of "let's go with the flow" that is being used to describe a situation may come across as abstract to some. Based on the cambridge dictionary definition as below to do what other people are doing or to agree with other people because it is the easiest thing to do I personally … Continue reading Not That Abstract After All

Two-Thirds Of The Long Weekend So Far ……

Another long weekend beckons ...... And a much needed one as well after running pretty much at full steam end May / June. Of course some pretty unpleasant stuff / minor setbacks occurred over the past week - putting a brake to the 'momentum' I have been building up, to my discontentment. Which means its … Continue reading Two-Thirds Of The Long Weekend So Far ……

Ending Off February ….

Intended to write this last night but ended up making up for the lack of sleep the night before (i.e Sunday) by going to bed at 2320 hrs (my earliest in a long long while) ...... Thus an entry to mark a much awaited start to a new month after a pretty tumultuous Febrauary ...... … Continue reading Ending Off February ….

Goal Setting & S.M.A.R.T Goals

As updated in my last 2 blog entries, did goal setting (as a branch) 2 weeks ago ..... and subsequently managed to find time last night (or rather this morning before bedtime) to complete the booklet. Given it was back to regular PPI / focus group after combined branch goal setting the week before ...... … Continue reading Goal Setting & S.M.A.R.T Goals

Ending Off The Week

We have a 5 week month again (since 1st July began on a Tuesday and 31st July is on a Thursday). So we have 1 more week before July comes to an end! Before that a long weekend as Monday is Hari Raya Puasa. Struggled with a bad bad cough for the good part of … Continue reading Ending Off The Week