Earth Pig Year

As I write now, technically we are still in the Chinese New Year season (today is the 9th day of CNY, with 6 more days to go). Side Note: Originally drafted this on Saturday, but got ‘stuck’ half-way into the entry. And so doing a rewrite of sorts now. The CNY festivities actually started last … More Earth Pig Year

Yet Another Realisation

After my ‘realisation‘ entry some time back in September, today I had another realisation yet again. I don’t necessary hate the idea of work (which encompasses meeting people, preparing plans/proposals, self-learning, admin/paperwork, servicing) but lately, I have come to realise that there are 2 aspects of my work that I have come to really dislike … More Yet Another Realisation


Still unable to get into a good writing flow for something that I was originally planning to write about. And so, decided to write about something random instead (in part to keep up the writing momentum that I’m slowly getting back). Anyway I sort of came to a realisation last week …… on why I … More Realisation

‘Tiger’ Year Entry

1st and foremost, Happy ‘Tiger’ Year everyone! May the year be a prosperous and fruitful one for you all 🙂 The obligatory festive season greetings aside – in addition, festive season = excuse to slack (from work and gym, exercise routine), excuse to gorge/over-eat …… have some time here to share the below from a … More ‘Tiger’ Year Entry