Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

Have not done up a weekly photo challenge for a while now (it has always been on my ‘t0-blog’ list though) …… so an entry to tick off 1 item on my ‘to-blog’ list that has been accumulating since end Februrary ๐Ÿ™‚

Had this picture taken on my phone of this little boy sitting in the seat in front of me during my journey to Lake Kawaguchiko (Fuji Five Lakes). Completely spontaneous moment of this cute little boy looking out of the window …… which I spotted a reflection of himself. This gives the perspective that he is looking at his own reflection, although it may be otherwise ๐Ÿ˜›




The LOW-down On The 987fm Controversy

Catching up on the RIS LOW drama after a tough day (you’ll know what I mean if you log on to my twitter) …..

Seriously, if this is not shameless, buey hiao bai …. I honestly don’t know what other BOOMZ or SHINGZ words/vocabulary that we can use to describe Ris Low’s latest radio stint that is currently the talk of the town (yes, we even discuss this during jogging warm-down :P) ….. For a person to be this attention-seeking and ‘shameless’ (read her blog and guarantee you will puke as her writing is even worse than Xiaxue), her skin is definitely beyond thick !!


I 200% agree with this letter writer here – A Move Most Risk-y

A move most Ris-ky

What message is 987FM’s new hire sending to teens?

Letter from Pauline Ooi
10:30 PM Mar 31, 2010

// I REFER to Christopher Loh’s Point Of View, “Ris Low on radio – what gives?” (March 30).

Does 987FM need to resort to sensationalism to drum up ratings and attract listeners? Why hire Ris Low – who’s committed credit card fraud, lied to pageant organisers, and coined ridiculous terms such as “Boomz” and “Shingz” to be the third wheel on the daily Shan & Rozz Show, now rebadged as the Shan, Rozz & Ris Show? Senior creative director of 987FM, Georgina Chang, says the reason behind the hire was because “she seems to evoke a very strong reaction from Singaporeans”. So, for the sake of ratings, of hype, 987FM is willing to throw away good taste, proper English and common sense?Ris has promptly proved what most of us have already thought of her: That she is a lazy, irresponsible, rude, disrespectful individual with less-than-desirable English. She arrived to work on her first day two hours late and was rude to her fellow DJ Rosalind Lee. It’s no wonder DJ Rozz left the show in a huff on Ris’ second day, after Ris insisted on leaving the show early. By hiring Ris Low to create hype, 987FM has effectively insulted the quality and hard work of all its other DJs. What kind of message are we sending to the young teens listening?Singapore prides itself for being a meritocracy that values hard work, honesty, respect and responsibility – values which are all antithetical to Ris Low. 987FM must reconsider its decision to hire Ris Low.


To put it plainly, it is a ไบ’ๅ‘ๅˆฉ็”จ relationship … but to have such BOOMZ and SHINGZ people on national radio simply destroys the credibility of 987fm as a national radio station (although I don’t listen to 987fm anymore) …… duhz

‘Tiger’ Year Entry

1st and foremost, Happy ‘Tiger’ Year everyone! May the year be a prosperous and fruitful one for you all ๐Ÿ™‚

The obligatory festive season greetings aside – in addition, festive season = excuse to slack (from work and gym, exercise routine), excuse to gorge/over-eat …… have some time here to share the below from a fellow financial blogger ……

The 7 Levels of Market Participants

In case you are wondering, talking about work-related matters during the festive season ๐Ÿ˜› …. Anyway actually saw the article since last week but did not get a chance to blog until now (where I have some time before my relatives start coming in) …… As per se my experience as a practitioner, I would say majority fall into Level 1 and 2. Many would aspire to be level 4 and/or 6, but most likely end up in either Level 1 or 3 …….

Of course, do note that this is just a general article for reading pleasure so do not have to take it too literally! After all, given that we are celebrating New Year the 2nd time in 2 months (i.e Chinese New Year this time round), we still have another chance and 11 months more to get it right ๐Ÿ™‚

Effects of Blueberry Pie

Was feeling a bit weird in the body – slightly itchy throat again + body going hot & cold (and before that a freaking headachne to boot!) …..

Decided to walk one big round bugis and ended up at Miss Clarity Cafe and da-baoed blueberry pie home as I felt like having something sweet to compensate for the low energy level and slightly lousy mood for the past 2 days …..

So some post-bath dessert/snack i.e. Blueberry Pie + a dose of favourite drama serial brightened up my evening instataneouly ๐Ÿ˜› ……ย  Enough to clear some miscelleneous work despite tweeting that no checking of emails after 10pm ……..

Between, Miss Clarity Cafe serves very affordable, value-for-money, mouth-watering western and slightly fusion fare …. a great place to check out, especially their lunch sets and tea break sets ๐Ÿ™‚

G2000 Black Label

Before I start on my way way overdue travel entries ……ย  need to rant on something ……..

I have actually chanced upon G2000’s Black Label on my Hong Kong trip over the National Day weekend ……. It was actually my 1st time hearing / finding out that G2000 has a Black Label collection (from various sources on the internet – Black Label is a more premium/higher end business wear collection) ……. Anyway being more premium, it is also of a higher pricing than the normal G2000 and Pink Label collection that is more commonly available in Singapore …… but materials and cutting is also of a better quality as well ๐Ÿ™‚

Got a top at ard KH$220-$250 after discount (works out to between SGD$41-$46 based on exchange rate of 5.36) ….. Guys shirts were at a steal for like HK$180 each (SGD$33.58) considering that its more premium than the normal G2000 (which is HK$90 after discount) ……

So I thought since its time to add on some new stuff to my ‘stale’ wadrobe, decided to check out the G2000 Black Label after work yesterday (supposedly there were 2 black label outlets @ Bugis and Parkway Parade) …… Went down to Bugis Junction and walked one round, only to find out there is no longer any Black Label store in Singapore (subsequent check on internet shows that there is only a Black Label Mens Corner left in Isetan Scotts) …… The salesgirl told me that the premium office wear segment is probably too competitive, so that’s why they only carry generic G2000 and Pink Label collection in Singapore (which is a lot of knitwear that I do not fancy that much) ……

Well, a bit ‘dui’ since I was prepared to pay a bit more for better quality cutting and material and have specifically went down to take a look ……. So moral of the story

*ย  Must buy Black Label stuff when you are in HK (esp. during sale time!)

*ย  Should have swipped a few hundreds more off my credit card since Black Label can’t be found in Singapore (which I might have done if I had went to go a bigger G2000 outlet on Kowloon side)

Perhaps an incentive to go back HK again? Think my post-holiday syndrome is still persisting ……….

Coffee cum Blogging Break

And thus a blog entry ๐Ÿ˜› ……….

In life, we always say ้ฃŽๆฐด่ฝฎๆต่ฝฌ …..

Given that Sunday is usually a TV day for meย  …… plenty of sports on TV, given that there was the Monaco GP & the end of the EPL season) ……

Some thoughts with regards to the current F1 season …… one up for the underdogs – in this case I am referring to Brawn GP ….. after all, it seemed like just yesterday when Lewis Hamiliton was the victorious F1 World Champion 2008 and a couple months on, he is now driving a pretty shitty McLaren …… Whilst for Jenson Button, after a few seasons of driving shit Hondas and being amongst back-markets, he finally has a winning car! If Jenson & Brawn were to win this year’s drivers and constructors championship, this will definitely be the biggest underdog comeback story of all-time ๐Ÿ˜€

Btw I have nothing against Lewis, he has the talent (although I do know his detractors dislike his arrogance, but personally I think Fernando Alonso has a even huger ego) but that aside, gathered that his time has come to finally drive a shit car and well, hope this will make him into a even better world champion in time to come!

Anyway Monaco is such picturesque city and place to be that I hope to have the chance to visit one day! In the meantime, here’s a picture of La Condamine, Monaco!

La Condamine, Monaco

Before I forget, last friday when I was in Plaza Singapura, I saw the construction of a new outlet (in place of FOX) …. ETUDE HOUSE. Finally another korean make-up brand alternative in Singapore (in addition to Face Shop, Missaha, Beauty Credit) ๐Ÿ™‚ ……

FYI, ETUDE HOUSE has the very hot Lee Min Ho (of Boys Over Flowers fame) as its spokesperson! Yummmyyyy !!!!

Routine ..

Life is gradually settling into a routine/rhythmn … that is ….

Sleep …. Wake Up …. Wash Up …. Emails …. Out of House …. Appointment/Office/ Training etc. …… Dinner/Gym/Office …… Home Sweet Home ……Rest/TV/ A Bit of Work ….. Read Notes …… Zzzzz

And the cycle goes on ……

Anyway one dumb thing I did – in an attempt to ‘lighten’ my pencil case, I wanted to throw away one of the ink-less highlighters but I ended up throwing away the new one that I bought in Feb!! arghhhhh …….

Thus I have cut my planned 1 hour study session short to 1/2 hour ๐Ÿ˜› …… will make up the 1/2 hour tommorrow ……

Project’s progress is halting …… need to address the lack of activity issue with the rest soon ……….

On a totally unrelated note, I managed to fit in 2 runs last week (Tues + short intervals @ the threadmill, not before getting interrupted by a PT and shooing away the poor guy post-run) …… new milestone reach …… and skipped run with the rest today coz’ lazy to lug attire (and only to hear a prospect talk nonsense – which furthermore explains why said person will forever remain a Class C/D client) …… run tmr since Selene is MIA again?? Most likely

Other than that, I was supposed to work out a case but nothing has been done yet ….. and I want to Zzzz now ……

I shall do my bills transfer b4 Zzzz then …….. Nitez!