More Friday thoughts! First, according to Cambridge dictionary, the chinese translation for Ego equates to 自我中心;自负;自尊心 Disclaimer - my week was alright this week. Its just that from some observations, I started to think about Ego vs Humility, and so yesterday night my brain got overactive again. This Ego vs Humility issue is also a … Continue reading Ego

Stuck In A Rut – Some Thoughts

I have written previously about going through various slumps and dealing with stuck energy here + this latest anxiety related episode that happened right before the National Day / Hari Raya Haji long weekend. As I write now, I can comfortably say I'm on the mend from this anxiety episode (although one of the main … Continue reading Stuck In A Rut – Some Thoughts

Stuck Energy

Recently, one of the yoga studios that I practise at had a rest week activity to commemorate International Yoga Day (Friday 21 June 2019). The rest week activity basically involves having self-guided mediation & short practice. While I wasn't able to make it down to studio physically/in person, I decided to try out the meditation … Continue reading Stuck Energy

Look Beyond The Surface

I'm sure you would definitely have come across this picture in various SNS As per the title of this entry, this picture brings forth the question - what do we see beyond the surface? After all, it is very easy to just judge/envy someone based on what they appear on the surface - after all … Continue reading Look Beyond The Surface

And So ……

Right after my last post, body broke down! Got the flu symptoms immediately after leaving the house (already nasal nose + scratchy throat + crazy sweating from walking in cloudy weather). By the time I finished what I set out to do in my short time in the office - I started to feel slightly … Continue reading And So ……


A random entry to increase the entry count for March (and because I feel like writing something today :P) Working from home today - after tossing and turning throughout the night as someone's behaviour got me hot and bothered throughout the entire day (Tuesday). And lack of good sleep means timeout from office. I also … Continue reading Random