The Grass Is Not Necessarily Greener On The Other Side

Back for my 2nd entry in a day, although technically my earlier entry has been in my drafts folder for a good 1+ week before I finished it up today 🙂 There will be times when we will go through moments of disappointment, feeling down and a sense of loss, pathetic, feeling sorry for ourselves … Continue reading The Grass Is Not Necessarily Greener On The Other Side

December 2019

Last December & last 31st of December of this decade! Which calls for a blog entry 😛 New low - where blogging/writing is concerned but all in all, I would say this after the lows of November (work-wise and emotionally-wise), December turned out to be a much better month for me. Both work wise and … Continue reading December 2019


讨厌应付一些自负,自以为是,专横霸道的人。但是,有时候我们很难避免这些人。 We call these people a PITA!! And I just had to deal with one earlier this week! Of course, this is nothing new to me, but just needed to rant it out a bit here. I suppose, at the root of it all, it is all about EGO. Or rather, a way for them … Continue reading 讨厌


Decided to take today (Wednesday) as time out from office and so it was noon yoga followed by lunch & tea break 😛 And it was back to Dulcet & Studio (Liang Court) for their tea time special - where you just top up $2 for a drink to go along with a cake/dessert. D&S … Continue reading 先甜后苦?

Making A New Habit

So this morning, I made time for a morning yoga class that wasn't happening on a weekend / public holiday. First time ever since I started yoga in Oct 2016! And the 1st day of a new month was a perfect way to get this going! Many reasons went into this decision. First, wanted to … Continue reading Making A New Habit


More Friday thoughts! First, according to Cambridge dictionary, the chinese translation for Ego equates to 自我中心;自负;自尊心 Disclaimer - my week was alright this week. Its just that from some observations, I started to think about Ego vs Humility, and so yesterday night my brain got overactive again. This Ego vs Humility issue is also a … Continue reading Ego

Stuck In A Rut – Some Thoughts

I have written previously about going through various slumps and dealing with stuck energy here + this latest anxiety related episode that happened right before the National Day / Hari Raya Haji long weekend. As I write now, I can comfortably say I'm on the mend from this anxiety episode (although one of the main … Continue reading Stuck In A Rut – Some Thoughts