Japan 2013: Day 11 Roaming Around Tokyo Part 2

DAY 11 (CON’T)

Continued shopping after a sumptous lunch …… and got some teas and dried seaweed. Saw Tokyo Skytree from a distance while walking up and down the streets of Ameyoko.


Proceeded to locate the shop that supposedly sells green tea kit kat …… but after walking up and down 2 times, can’t locate it at all. So gave up the search and walked onto another corner street where there were many restaurants and food outlets. Spotted an interesting stall selling a fish-shaped red bean taiyaki pancake + also Odeo Sushi!

2014-05-06 11.02.12

It was getting really hot (it was 17 degrees and I had 3 layers including my down jacket) & crowded so decided to leave Ameyoko and make an unscheduled stop at Tokyo Station to hunt for the Kit Kat that I didn’t manage to get at Ameyoko. Luckily Tokyo Station is just 4 stops down the green Yamanote Line. Reached Tokyo Station somewhere around 220pm, and located the shop selling KitKat (which is right opposite Rokurinsha that I went on Day 1). Green tea kitkat also sold out! The shop assistant told me that the only green tea kitkat available would be at aiport (Narita/Haneda) and in Kyoto. So in the end, just grabbed 2 small boxes of rum & raisin kitkat instead in order not to make it a wasted trip ๐Ÿ˜›

Went up to Daimaru for a while to get away from the station crowds and for a breather, as well as to take off my down jacket since I was sweating (in 17 degrees weather, can you believe it). As I was at a corner of Daimaru resting, I quickly consolidated my shopping bags and realised that my bag of seaweed was missing. Sharks! Either I dropped it, or I paid the shopkeeper 700 JPY …… only to leave the bag there! I guess there is no point crying over split milk over a 700 JPY seaweed (around SGD8.89) which I can always go back to Ameyoko to buy again (if need be).

As I was sweating and still feeling heavy from sushi lunch, and since it was relatively straightfoward to walk from Tokyo Station right to Yurakucho …… and then to Ginza, decided to just do so. So instead of going to Meiji Jungu/Omotesando as originally planned, I will go to Ginza instead and hunt down the Meiji owned chocolate cafe i.e. 100% Chocolate Cafe.

Tokyo Station (Marunouchi side) on a Sunday afternoon. It was already 2.52pm and there were lots of people passing through the station.



No other pictures as I walked as fast as I could to ‘cool’ myself down and to digest off my lunch. This time round, the walk was more straightfoward than Day 1 as I stuck closely to the train tracks (above ground) all the way till I passed by the restaurants/eateries under the train tracks itself …… and finally Yurakucho. Went onto the ‘Ginza’ side basd on road signs as indicated.


After a close to 10 min walk (longer than expected), I’m finally at Ginza, and at the main Chuo Dori street. Recalled coming here quite often during my last 2012 trip, so its back to familar sights once again.

2014-05-12 00.04.02

Ginza is not only famous as one of Tokyo’s most upmarket shopping, dining and entertainment districts with numerous department stores, brand name boutiques, night clubs, cafes …… it is also one of the most expensive real estate in Japan. That is why many of the buildings are tall and narrow in size. Another marked difference is that since it was a Sunday, this meant the Chuo Dori street is closed to traffic (during weekends) and thus becomes a pedestrian zone for many to walk through (from 1200 Hrs to 1700 Hrs). You can even see people taking a break on the tables/cars/stools right in the middle of the road!

This was also one of the reasons why I wanted to come to Ginza …… to gain a different perspective as compared to my previous visit. And true enough, having many people walking on the traffic-less roads makes Ginza an entirely different landscape from the usually busy roads with heavy traffic.

While walking down Ginza 3-Chrome (the Chuo Dori street is a very long street), saw a busker doing a live puppet show as well.

2014-05-12 00.08.29


Continued to walk further down to 4-chrome where I saw another distinctive Ginza landmark – the Ginza Wanko (icnoic building with the clock tower) and the 11 storey tall Uniqlo that I shopped at during my last trip. Right opposite Uniqlo, the Matsuzakaya Department Store that we previously went is now torn down, and going to be rebuilt/redeveloped. Another icon of Ginza (Matsuzakaya was Ginza’s 1st department store) is gone and to be replaced by yet another concrete development.

2014-05-12 02.08.03

Stopped and sat down on a stool for a short break while trying to get the free wireless in Ginza working …… but it doesn’t work. And since I did not see any 100% Chocolate Cafe in near sight (note to self: should have jotted down clearer directions the night before/in the morning) …… decided that its better not to waste time to search. And since my bags (and down jacket which I took off and folded back into a pocket) were getting heavy, decided to finish the stretch of walk towards the next nearest JR Station – Shimbashi …… and head back to hotel to drop some bags off!

2014-05-12 02.47.17


Japan 2013: Day 10 Fuji Five Lakes + Exploring Shinjuku Part 4

DAY 10 (CON’T)

Thought of getting a coffee + doughnut at the Kripy Kreme outlet at Southern Terrace City but the quene was so long that I dropped the idea instataneously! After finishing with photo taking, decided to get indoors instead to the huge Takashimaya Times Square to do some shopping at Tokyu Hands and pick up some food at the basement food hall as well.

It was around 8.30pm, and being a weekend, 8pm was also the closing time for most major department stores in Japan. So only managed to walk through 1 floor of Tokyu Hands before the doors closed at 8.30pm sharp! Since that was the case, walked back to Shinjuku Station …… and instead of heading to Shibuya as per my original plan, ended up instead on the Chuo line platform. The Chuo Line (Rapid) service will bring me to Tokyo Station in 15 min as it is an express service that only stops at 4 stops!

Main task to do at Tokyo Station – get Tokyo Banana as omiyage for the gang + also to get dinner at Maisen (since Maisen has an outlet at Daimaru Yaesu right beside Tokyo Station). Managed to locate the same Select Market shop that I was at yesterday without too much difficulty (as it is right in the centre section of the station) and promptly got my Tokyo Banana. Had a bit of trouble locating the lift to 12F …… and promptly kept walking round and round Yaesu exit for a good 20 min before deciding its probably wiser to give up searching rather than waste more time searching and end up even hungrier (like what happened the day before at Yokohama/Odaiba).

Shimbashi, being just 2 stops away on the JR Yamanote Line, was a safe bet for dinner as many food outlets open late there (as per my research last night). Instead of getting out of the Shiodome Gate like I did yesterday (to get to the Yurikamome Line), got out instead at the Hibiya exit as that was the place where most of the food outlets/shops are. Right at the Hibiya exit was a huge open space called the Shimbashi Station SL Square. There was a life size model of a huge SL (steam locomotive) right outside …… Similar to the famous Hachiko Statue at Shibuya, this is also a popular meeting spot for many people in Shimbashi itself.

At the same time, there was also an illumination right at SL Square. Very small scale as the illumination is mainly concentrated on the locomotive …… but the colours were very nice, and in a way, it sort of made up for missing out on the Caretta Illumination last night.

Processed with Moldiv

Sidenote: As I write this now, it only occured to me that Shiodome was within walking distance to Shimbashi as well. Which means I could have gotten a quick dinner, then walk over to Shiodome. Duh!

Walked 1 round along the shops, narrowed down on 2 ramen shops – one of which had a small quene, while the other had tonkotsu based ramen that cost 500 JPY only …… Until I spotted Tenya right across the road. Tenya is a fast food chain specialising in tempura, and my stomach could do with something warm, and can’t go quite wrong with tempura as well ๐Ÿ˜›

2014-05-04 18.03.48

Ordered the most basic 500 JPY prawn tempura with rice set. It looks small in the picture, but the portions were aplenty full, and very filling and satisfying. Now I recall that I actually jotted down Tenya (the outlet @ Akihabara) as one of the food places to try, only to forget about it as more to-do items cropped up ๐Ÿ˜› …… So am really glad that I got to try this tempura entirely by chance ๐Ÿ™‚

It was already close to 1030pm and so its time to make my way back to Hamamasutcho and to hotel for a much needed shower, start packing my shopping loot into my luggage (spare bag) and do some research for tommorrow’s itinerary at the hotel lobby. One last thing before I entered the station – a live ‘show’ of sorts right at the locomotive model in SL Square! Pretty interesting and stood

2014-05-04 18.23.20

Despite the hiccups (1st the camera, then the horrible traffic at Lake Kawaguchiko) that threw my plans into slight array, most important I got a clear close up view of Mount Fuji (that I wasn’t able to see back in Hakone) …… and my evening turned out to be much better than expected thanks to my unplanned exploration of Shinjuku (west side of station + Southern Terrace City), got some of the major shopping (Tokyo Banana, Fancl) ticked off …… and a nice filling tempura dinner and beautiful christmas illumination at Shimbashi!

Japan 2013: Day 9 Odaiba + Venturing Out To Kamakura & Yokohama Part 1


Be careful of what you wish for ๐Ÿ˜›

As I decided to take things easier after coming into to Tokyo feeling tired due to the long day in Kyoto + lugging my luggage down the stairs while exiting Hamamasutcho station …… the plan today will be to head to Odaiba, following by a trip out of Tokyo to Kamakura and Yokohama.

Woke up a fair bit later (around 830am) as compared to the past couple of days back in Kansai. Started my day really late as a result as I dily-dalyed and got down to the lobby around 1040 …… and missed the breakfast by a whisker. Villa Fontaine actually serves complimentary breakfast but having read on Tripadvisor that the food and especially the coffee is pretty bad, had no intention to really eat …… but at least 1-2 breads would be good to fill the tummy until I reach my next destination.

Quickly checked my whatsapp + some info on my iPad at the lobby (the only place in the hotel with wi-fi) before heading back to Hamamatsucho station.ย  This time round, I took the exactly same route that I 1st took back the previous evening (to check-in and drop off my luggage) …… and luckily did not get lost ๐Ÿ˜›

A view of Kyu Shiba Rikyu Garden located right next to Hamamatsucho Station from the train station walkway …… no way to photoshop off the lines on the picture as the lines were part of the window. Great to know that it is yet another bright and clear day in Tokyo!

Blur me ended up on the wrong platform again …… and instead of going to Shimbashi Station (1 stop away), I went the other direction towards Tokyo Station. Since I ended up at Tokyo Station yet again, decided to take an opportunity to grab a bite (since I did not manage to have any breakfast), and ended up with a custard bread from the Select Market within the station itself.

Tokyo Station Bread

This simple assuming piece of cream bread turned out to be one of the most delicious custard breads I ever had in my life! Oishii!!

Since I was already at Tokyo Station, I headed towards the Marunouchi side where the JR Office is located – and reserved my return tickets for my planned day trip to Fuji Five Lakes (only reserved the morning train tickets the night before) …… and this time round, hopped onto the Yamanote Line to Shimbashi (finally) …… It only occured to me after reaching Shimbashi that I could have done train reservations at Shimbashi JR ticket office as well. Why the hell did I go one round to Tokyo Station and back …… duh!

Walked across to the Yurikamome Station to board the automated train (no drivers) to head into Odaiba! Taking the Rinkai Line (saw a transit at Oimachi on Day 1) would probably be faster as it runs underground, but like what I had done on my last trip, took the preferred Yurikamome line so as to enjoy the gorgeous views of the Tokyo landscape above ground …… and also the fact that the Yurikamome line runs parallel to the Rainbow Bridge itself (right below the major highway) ……

Processed with Moldiv

2014-04-06 23.12.43

Saw the Ferris Wheel (Daikanransha) and the Suntory Building (a very modernistic building where you are able to see through its windows the office workers hard at work even on the train) ……

2014-04-06 23.21.43

Japan 2013: Day 8 Last Moments In Kyoto & Back To Tokyo Part 4


Reached Shinagawa station around 630pm. Nothing much to ‘see’ as the sky would have darkened by then. Tried to hunt for the JR ticket office to get the JR Kanto Pass + reserve my train tickets to Mount Fuji for the next day (Friday) …. but wasn’t able to locate the office as Shinagawa station is so big. Thus decided to proceed straight to Hamamasutcho (via the JR Yamanote Line) and to hotel to check-in and put down my luggage.

This is where my irritation starts to creep in. Looked through the map on Hotel Villa Fontaine’s website and exited the station at the south exit.Walked all the way till the end, only saw STAIRS and zero escalators …… Which means I have got to lug my luggage down the stairs! After carrying my heavy luggage down the stairs, I ended up at a tunnel!! A tunnel where trains travel on top! Goodness!!

Walked on further and managed to see a supermarket, and so went in to ask for directions on how to get to Villa Fontaine. Walked out to the main road, spotted a Lawson’s (as directed by supermarket guy), but couldn’t locate the hotel behind the Lawson’s! So after walking along the road rolling my luggage like a headless chicken, walked back and went into Lawson’s this time round to ask for directions …. again! The china worker manning the cashier seems equally blur as well, sigh …… But finally found Hotel Villa Fontaine Hamamasutcho after following a small sign and walked 2 streets in. When you have a hotel’s frontage facing an apartment block (rather than a main road), plus unclear directions from the hotel’s website itself, it is very little surprise that the place is hard to find.

Checked-in and rested in my room for a short while before heading out again – this time to get the JR Kanto Pass + make reservations for the train to Mount Fuji. Walked back to Hamamasutcho – but instead of walking back out to the main road, walked straight across and ended back in front of Toshiba Building – which is just right at the South Exit of the station! Bravo! Saw a JR ticket office at Hamamasutcho and decided to reserve the Fuji tickets there …… only to be told that they don’t do reservations of tickets at the office ? Strange (miscommunication perhaps) …… so wasted 15 min there and decided to head to Shinagawa station (2 stops away on JR Yamanote Line). Wondered is it that my brain is not thinking right as I ended on the wrong platform …… and back on the other side of the Yamanote Line and to Tokyo Station instead!


Went to the resevations office (Marunouchi side) …… and promptly bought the JR Kanto Pass (to be used over the remaining 3 days in Tokyo and outlying areas before departing Tokyo on Monday morning). It was a good thing that I went Tokyo Station instead as not only they close later, there were also more English speaking staff there, and I managed to pick up some very handy information on Fuji Five Lakes and Karuizawa (was considering to go there for a day trip but ultimately abandoned the plan). Then made the 2nd strange decision of the night (must be the stupid stairs climbing that is messing with my brain and causing all these laspes of judgement) – reserved my train tickets to Fuji Five Lakes for Saturday 24th instead of Friday (next day) as I decided I wanted to sleep in a bit instead rather than waking up early to get to Shinjuku to do the 2 leg journey to Fuji Five Lakes.

Got that done and was feeling thirsty (bottle of mineral water finished as well) and so decided to hunt for a place at Tokyo Station to sit down for a drink + maybe a dessert/snack as well (not really that hungry after eating so much sushi on the Shinkansen). Ended up walking rounds around Tokyo Station after trying to look for this restaurant that serves beer (which I saw on Day 1) …… before coming back to Gran Roof (Yaesu side of the station) and to this small Italian eatery that I came across on Day 1 as well – Vittorio Pomodoro Tsukiji.


Decided to just settle down here for a cold ice-lemon tea (to quench my thirst) + since the pastas here were very reasonably priced at 780 JPY, no harm ordering one to try as well despite not being that hungry ๐Ÿ˜›


Very very long 25 min wait for my tomato soup clam pasta (its either they kind of forgot my order or just took their time to cook it, which is not a bad thing) while I occupied myself reading the literature on Fuji Five Lakes that I have gotten from the JR office. Even I am surprised by myself for being so patient and not complaining/losing my temper, heh …… Thankfully it turned out to be the latter as it was piping hot (as what I needed for a proper late dinner), the tomato soup was really delicious and the pasta al dente! Vittorio Pomodoro Tsukiji is probably very under-rated but this definitely gets my thumbs up, as far as Japanese style pasta go ……

Spotted another outlet of Vittorio Pomodoro right at the other end of the food street. This outlet is more spacious, and serves a more upmarket menu ……


Tired and didn’t feel like going anywhere else so took the train back to hotel. On my way back, it was Yutaka Takenouchi galore all over JR trains (most likely Roots Coffee bought all advertising slots on JR) ๐Ÿ˜›


Sprayed too much air freshener in the room, and room smelt funny – another case of dubious judgement (the 3rd in the night) …… Unlike the last 3 hotels I stayed (Hotel Kinki, Kobe Meriken Park Oriental, First Cabin Kyoto), Villa Fontaine does not have wifi in the room. So showered, channel surfed a bit (same as last Thursday back in Tokyo, it was Dokushin Kizoku showing on Fuji TV) …… and then went down to the lobby to use the wifi, check my whatsapp and do some research for tommorrow’s plan (now that I decided to go Fuji Five Lakes on Saturday instead) ……

Food Mission: Rokurinsha @ Tokyo Station

A separate review to round off my travel entries for the year!

Decided to log this in as a separate entry rather than part of my Day 1 entry as it was so good + also one of the restaurants that I have specifically set out to try (which is why I’m categorizing it under Food Mission as well).

First heard about this legendary ramen from one of my favourite food bloggers – Daniel Food Diary, and so earmarked it to try during my trip after a bit more googling and researching on my own.

There are actually 2 Rokurinsha outlets in Tokyo – one in Tokyo Station and the newer one at Tokyo Skytree. Zero-ed on the Tokyo Station outlet and decided on it for early dinner on my 1st day in Tokyo.

It was located as part of the Tokyo Ramen Street, on the Yaesu side of Tokyo Station. Was not difficult to find, based on these directions, as I managed to get onto the Yaesu side of the station pretty quickly without getting lost ๐Ÿ˜›



Reached around 530pm. Thought the quene wasn’t too long ……


Until I walked to the end and saw this!


I guess it’s a testimony to its popularity.

Managed to get a seat after a 10 to 15 minute wait. Quite a bright and spacious outlet.


Ordered the signature tsukemen – which is essentially dipping ramen where you dip the ramen/noodles into a broth. Opted for the one without egg as I do not really take hard boiled eggs. This bowl is 850 JPY.


The secret to a good bowl of tsukemen lies in the broth. This is a very rich and tasteful broth without being overly thick – and well boiled with fish and pork. There’s also the gyofun (dried fish power) mixed in to further enhance the taste. The noodles may look thick and hard (very much like the yellow chinese noodle) but it is very soft and chewy on the bite – and even more so when dipped into the broth. Heavenly combo indeed!


This definitely lives up to the reputation of being Tokyo’s Best Tsukemen! And the best tsukemen that I have had to date. When reading one of the many reviews online, learnt that Rokurinsha’s founder actually trained under Taishoken’s founder. So Taishoken was the 1st shop to ‘invent’ the tsukemen. I actually had Taishoken at Ramen Champion (Bugis+) earlier in the year, and found it to be average at best – guess the drop in standards come when they ‘Singaporean-ise’ it …. The original Taishoken may be much better in its homeland ๐Ÿ˜›

Similar to my last trip, ramen was also my 1st proper meal to start off the trip. Only difference this time round is that this is a way superior bowl of ramen which lived up to its hype! Not much photos though of the restaurant and food as I was too busy chomping down my food. All in all, very satisfied after my meal and a great start to my trip as well ๐Ÿ˜€

More reviews here:




Japan 2013: Day 1 Tokyo Part 3


Adding on a part 3 entry so that the order flows better.

Walked out of the Marunouchi exit of Tokyo Station, and started one round of photo taking ๐Ÿ˜›

The Marunouchi office building district at night.


Its nice that post restoration, the road right in front of the red brick facade of Tokyo Station is opened up for pedestrians to walk through. This means more photo taking, heh!

Outside of the iconic Tokyo Station Building. Also crossed the road to Marunouchi side to get a fuller view of the building. A pity that there is a limited wide angle effect with digital camera/iphone …… Touched up the pictures using Fotor to make it look ‘brighter’ in order to bring out the red brick facade of the building.

Tokyo Station 2

One of my favourite shots. Basically the cars were zooming past as I was trying to sneak in a few good shots (Note: Used Fotor to brighten up & make the picture look sharper as well)……

Tokyo Station 3 Edit

Walked further down the Marunouchi district, with the cold air in my face ๐Ÿ˜› …… passed by Marunouchi Brick Square (where I successfully hunted down an Ippudo ramen outlet during my last trip) and the Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum right next to it. Spotted a row of dining outlets under the Yurakucho train tracks (highlighted in this blog entry here) and within sight – the Tokyo International Forum Building! Passed through the open area linking the buildings together and at the end of it, it is Yurachuko station. Never knew Tokyo Station and Ginza were so near each other, and it is probably much faster to walk straight down rather than take the Metro subway …….


Since I was right smack in Yurakucho, re-visited the flagship Muji Cafe – this time to check out its cakes/desserts + also have a much-needed coffee. Ended up here eating, resting and some window shopping for a good hour or so ……



Had a cheese cake (400 JPY) and added on 200 JPY for a black coffee (otherwise its 350 to 400 JPY for ala-carte coffee). Verdict, it was definitely more the novelty of eating at Muji, and I preferred the dinner set that I had at Muji during my last trip! Did some browsing and window shopping after my meal, found nothing interesting to buy as gifts/for personal use (Uniqlo offers similar clothings for much lower prices) ……

It was not yet 9pm (2100 Hrs) – still kind of early by any means. Based on info from Japan Guide, was aware that 14th was the start of Tokyo Midtown’s annual christmas light-up, but because I did not buy a 1 day METRO ticket, found it a hassle travelling across to Roppongi. Little I did know Aya Ueto was there at the light up ceremony ……

So ended up at Akihabara 3 JR stations away instead ……


Doesn’t seem to be very much happening at Akihabara. Think the place is not really my cup of tea. After all am neither into electronics nor anime nor otaku culture (which Akihabara is well known for) …… Did not manage to find the Gundam and AKB48 around the station as well. However did spot a street busker, and did another colour and BW contrast again ……

Akihabara 2

Nothing much to do in Akihabara so decided to head back to hotel for an early rest as I’ll be checking out at 6-plus to head to Osaka. Realised that most department stores/food halls close at 2100 Hrs (weekdays) – was back at hotel around 2140 Hrs, thus no chance to buy any supper to eat in my room (in particular the fried rice with oyster that I was eyeing). Hooked up to the wifi at the lobby and whatsapp, checked emails for a bit before going up to my room for a much needed shower and rest, and caught a bit of Fuji TV’s Thursday night primetime drama – Dokusin Kizoku (which has one of the SMAP members as the male lead) before turning in ……

Japan 2013: Day 1 Tokyo Part 2


Put down my luggage and took a quick toilet break before heading out again! Since I did not have lunch at the airport earlier, will go for an early dinner. It was around 1530 Hrs that I left my room and headed out.

Decided to start off with checking out the shops and the food hall right below the hotel.Whilst at the pharmacy on level 2 (to check out on some Shisedo products – requested from my sister), saw this:


This is definitely a very creative way of selling insurance – using celebrities to front your counter. MAS could take a tip or two here rather than coming up with measures that make no sense …. Recognized the guy from Zettai Kareshi ….

Then went down to level 1 where the food hall was located and walked around it, exploring and checking out the various stalls ……

Hankyu Oimachi

Spent almost an hour checking out the various stalls and wow-ing at the humongous range of food available (that’s Japan for you!). Just the variety of bentos on display is more than enough to leave you scratching your head on which one to choose. Stomach started to rumble, so got a potato croquette to munch on ……

Finally headed out to the train station at around 1645 Hrs. The sky is quickly turning dark (early sunset due to daylight saving). Some snapshots of the surrounding area:

Oimachi 1

Overall, Oimachi is a nice quiet neighbourhood which doesn’t look too shady/dodgy as well (think Kabukicho – Shinjuku’s red light district). Danny Choo also has a nice write-up on Oimachi here

Took the Keihin-Tohoku Line to my next intended destination – Tokyo Station!

On the 6 stop journey to Tokyo Station, came across my 1st sighting of Yutaka Takenouchi ๐Ÿ˜›


Saw this poster advertising the 10 billion yen grand lottery as well. Had the idea to do a colour and black & white contrast ……

JR Keihin Tohoku 1

Also noted along the journey that the Keihin-Tohoku line passes through major stations that run concurrently with the very popular Yamanote line (aka Green Line) – such as Shinagawa, Hamamasutcho, Shimbashi, Yurakucho. The other end of the Keihin-Tohoku leads to Yokohama (estimate 20 to 30 min journey from Shinagawa) …… If this was the case, I should’ve booked Ours Inn Hankyu instead for the last 4 days of my trip (Long Story. Did ask the receptionist during my check-in and she mentioned the hotel being full for the a few of the 4 days dates I wanted) …… Nevermind.

Finally reached Tokyo Station around 1720 Hrs. Seems like the after work crowd is beginning to flood in ……


Main mission at Tokyo Station – getting my early dinner. Have heard rave reviews about Rokurinsha on Daniel’s Food Diary so made it one of my main missions to try what is touted Tokyo’s Best Tsukemen on this trip.

Thanks to some pre-trip research done, recalled that the outlet is located around the Yaesu North exit of the station, which I managed to lcoate relatively quickly. Rokurinsha is actually one of the 8 shops located in the section called Tokyo Ramen Street.

Decided that I will do a separate review uner my Food Mission 2013 project as it does fit the theme and intention of it. 1 picture + 1 sentence to sum it up – this is definitely the BEST bowl of Tsukemen I ever had in my life!


After dinner, walked further down the Yaesu exit and went into Daimaru. Yet another crazy huge food hall (B1) with mind-boggling variety of food to choose from. More importantly, spotted 1 Tokyo Banana counter as well and took a mental note that to come back here to get Tokyo Banana towards the end of my trip ……

Daimaru Yaesu

Walked out of Daimaru, and ended up at the exit right opposite the Yaesu side of the station. Saw that Daimaru is one huge building (11 storeys high) right next to Tokyo Station. As I blog now, I realised that Daimaru also has a Tokyu Hands outlet which I could have gone as well ……



Since I have intended my 1st day to be a free & easy type of activity, and in no rush (since its still relatively early around 6-plus) …… decided to cross the road back into the station and walk right to the other side of the station facing the Marunochi area …… Walked through a passageway that led me to the Marunouchi exit. As I was at the exit, noted the unique architecture, probably a result of the conservation of the original Tokyo Station Building ……

Tokyo Station