Trip Planning Begins Again

Coming to the end of my festive break ...... apart from starting to get back into work proper, I also realised that its also time to get back to firming my trip itinerary proper. Didn't manage to do much trip planning over December due to a variety of reasons as stated here, sigh. So, apart … Continue reading Trip Planning Begins Again

Food Mission 2018: Sushi Ishijima 鮨 石島

When googling for cheap sushi and/or cheap lunch options in Ginza (one of the most expensive districts in the world) - Sushi Ishijima pops up. This place is slightly under-the-radar. I first found out about Sushi Ishijima from Instagram and noted that they serve a 1500 JPY (around SGD 18) lunch set. This is pretty … Continue reading Food Mission 2018: Sushi Ishijima 鮨 石島

Japan 2018: The Ramen Edition

Rather than doing dedicated food review entries for a few of the ramen places that I have set out to try for this trip, I decided to combine them instead into 1 entry. Main reason being that I only had a total of 4 bowls of ramen throughout my entire 13/14 day trip. As far … Continue reading Japan 2018: The Ramen Edition

Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Art – Japan Edition

Taking a break from my travel entries to do another weekly photo challenge entry. Time for some cover worthy pictures! Was browsing through Japan Guide website yesterday and came across this Kyoto feature. Realised that I had a similar shot of Tenryuji Temple taken during my trip last year - taken from outside the temple … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Art – Japan Edition

Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity

It feels like AGES since the last photo challenge entry ...... and so decided that its time for one whilst taking a break from writing my next travel blog 😛 Decided to shortlist a few photos from my past travels (mainly my 2012 and 2013 Japan trips + my recent Hong Kong trip) that fits … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity

Japan 2013: Day 12 Heading Home

DAY 12: MONDAY 25 NOVEMBER 2013 After ending the day late last night (my last night in Tokyo as well), plus having packed my luggage all the way till 1+ in the morning ..... abandoned all thoughts of waking up at 5+ to travel down to Tsukiji Market for sushi breakfast (Note: Tsukiji is just … Continue reading Japan 2013: Day 12 Heading Home

Japan 2013: Day 11 Roaming Around Tokyo Part 5

DAY 11 (CON'T) Had no where else to go after dinner ...... but while waiting for my food to arrive, whipped out my iPad from my bag and did some study of the metro/train maps. Personal view of mine - anytime before 10pm is always too early to end off the night especially when you … Continue reading Japan 2013: Day 11 Roaming Around Tokyo Part 5