Japan 2018: Resort Shirakami

Haven't been able to write much over the festive season and going into the new year apart from the ramen entry (that was also stuck in the drafts folder for a good number of days). I guess problems with a blocked throat chakra (more on that another time) have limited my freedom/ease of expression (in … Continue reading Japan 2018: Resort Shirakami

Japan 2018: The Ramen Edition

Rather than doing dedicated food review entries for a few of the ramen places that I have set out to try for this trip, I decided to combine them instead into 1 entry. Main reason being that I only had a total of 4 bowls of ramen throughout my entire 13/14 day trip. As far … Continue reading Japan 2018: The Ramen Edition

Japan 2018: Of Markets & Donburi(s)

Sidenote: The original blogging plan for this week is to do 1 travel entry (the earlier entry on Rainbows) and 1 food review from year 2017. But after going through some photos on my phone, I'm more inspired to do a food & travel entry instead, as I'm still in post Japan Hols blues 3 … Continue reading Japan 2018: Of Markets & Donburi(s)

Japan 2018: Rainbows

What are the chances that you will get to see a rainbow, not once but twice whilst on holiday? Moreover most of the time back home when you are in your daily routine, it's not so often you get to spot a rainbow post-rain. At least it never happens for me back home in Singapore … Continue reading Japan 2018: Rainbows

Japan 2018: One Missed Connection & 2 Buses Later

Finally starting my travel blogs proper. And yes, that was how the entire trip began as per the title. So what happened was that my original departure flight from Changi was scheduled to depart on 0040 Hrs 8 November, but ended up getting delayed due to thunderstorm warning. Which meant that the air control tower … Continue reading Japan 2018: One Missed Connection & 2 Buses Later

Japan 2015: Kobe Re-Visited

Totally unplanned but ended up re-visiting Kobe (for myself that is, sis has not been to Kobe before) for a day trip on Day 7 of our trip. It was a last minute tweak to our itinerary as we had originally planned to visit Ise (from Nagoya) - only to abandon it due to the longer … Continue reading Japan 2015: Kobe Re-Visited

Japan 2015: Takayama Highlights Part 3

Sanmachi - the old streets that is preserved and the iconic district for sight-seeing in Takayama as well.   Sanmachi is also nick-named 'Little Kyoto' as it gives off the vibe of a quaint historic district, with the nicely preserved wooden machiyas (townhouses) with various shops selling various stuff (there's one shop as above that … Continue reading Japan 2015: Takayama Highlights Part 3