Food Mission 2017: Menya Sakura

Yet another entry intended for February that got 'carried forward' into March 😛 Another food outlet that I managed to tick off in year 2017 itself - Menya Sakura. Menya Sakura specialises in Nagoya-style ramen and tsukemen. Speaking of tsukemen - it is basically cold ramen/noodles being dipped into a hot sauce/stock as versus to … Continue reading Food Mission 2017: Menya Sakura

Food Mission: Rokurinsha @ Tokyo Station

A separate review to round off my travel entries for the year! Decided to log this in as a separate entry rather than part of my Day 1 entry as it was so good + also one of the restaurants that I have specifically set out to try (which is why I'm categorizing it under … Continue reading Food Mission: Rokurinsha @ Tokyo Station