Recurring Dreams

What do you make of dreaming the same dream TWICE in a row in the space of 1 month? Here's a write-up on recurring dreams from Pyschology Today - One key phrase that got my attention: In general, recurring dreams indicate the presence of an unresolved and persistent conflict in an individual’s life, and the … Continue reading Recurring Dreams

Learn From Experience, Reflect, Review, Reboot

21 days into the new year (as today is 21st January 2015) ...... It has been a pretty good start to year 2015 so far 🙂 After getting through a pretty stressful Q4 last year (2014) 'fire-fighting' and 'solving' issues here and there, am definitely thankful for the various positives and good tidings 21 days … Continue reading Learn From Experience, Reflect, Review, Reboot

December Seems Like A Very Short Month

8 days into December - the very last lap of year 2012! My earlier tweet sums up perfectly my thoughts about December to date .... Ended off November in a frustrating & angry way (at work) .. Lets just say things have got to happen in order to begin December on a clean slate. Has … Continue reading December Seems Like A Very Short Month


A lesson and great article on commitment here: As tweeted earlier, ended up at this page after googling about people who often jump from one idea to another without a clear goal in mind (you can say lack of focus, giving up too easily etc.) ...... Guess I was 'concerned' enough about said person … Continue reading Commitment

Wednesday – Work From Home Day

Legs still feeling the dull achne from yesterday's run (was a harder effort compared to last Thursday's run) + accumulated effect from lugging a heavy bag in sweaty state (long story - quene at gym toilet was too long so left without showering) and hunting for food post workout ...... so slept in and after … Continue reading Wednesday – Work From Home Day

Weekly Sunday Entry

Sundays always seem the best day to blog as I find myself having more time to sit down, slowly consolidate my thoughts before blogging proper ...... And today is no exception ..... in addition, I turned off my iphone alarm this morning (after waking up at 730am to charge the phone), and the expected result … Continue reading Weekly Sunday Entry

Law of Reciprocity

I confess ...... I have been very bitchy on my twitter these days ....... Now that the time of the month is over ...... a good time to sit down and write/blog/reflect before I officially retire for the night ...... blogging/writing is probably a very theraputic activity for me 🙂 In response to my bitching/complaining … Continue reading Law of Reciprocity


The 它 that I am referring to is ..... *drum rolls* A random blog search on good steak houses made me salivate upon seeing picture after picture of drool-worthy steak ...... and hence the steak cravings ...... Unfortunately, as twittered ..... I ended up with a mediocre beef brisket la mian dinner @ Bugis … Continue reading 都是它惹的祸!!