Time to rant (after some absence) 😛 It is actually election season right now and today is Cooling Day before we go to the polls tommorrow. Apart from having elections admist a pandemic being a new, and somewhat surreal experience, the Phase 2 re-opening that Singapore is undergoing right now also means it is time … Continue reading NATO

Stuck Energy

Recently, one of the yoga studios that I practise at had a rest week activity to commemorate International Yoga Day (Friday 21 June 2019). The rest week activity basically involves having self-guided mediation & short practice. While I wasn't able to make it down to studio physically/in person, I decided to try out the meditation … Continue reading Stuck Energy

Yet Another Realisation

After my 'realisation' entry some time back in September, today I had another realisation yet again. I don't necessary hate the idea of work (which encompasses meeting people, preparing plans/proposals, self-learning, admin/paperwork, servicing) but lately, I have come to realise that there are 2 aspects of my work that I have come to really dislike … Continue reading Yet Another Realisation


Have an entry lined up from last weekend that I intend to finish up earlier this week (even had a photo collage prepared for the entry as well), only for my writing momentum to get derailed by a self-entitled smart-aleck client who eventually ended up behaving in an overbearing manner towards me. Thus this rant. … Continue reading Rant

Two-Thirds Of The Long Weekend So Far ……

Another long weekend beckons ...... And a much needed one as well after running pretty much at full steam end May / June. Of course some pretty unpleasant stuff / minor setbacks occurred over the past week - putting a brake to the 'momentum' I have been building up, to my discontentment. Which means its … Continue reading Two-Thirds Of The Long Weekend So Far ……

Ending 2016 ……

Its only now - with 1 more day to go before 2016 comes to an official close that I finally have the time to wipe some dust off this blog as I'm working from home today. December has been a busy and relatively productive month. I hesitated to say 'productive' or 'very productive' as I … Continue reading Ending 2016 ……

Difficult Clients

Having some problem dealing with a difficult client ...... and this problem resurfaced again mid-week, after a good 5 months of complete silence (on the client's part). Not picking up calls, not confirming/keeping to appointments is another. What is even WORSE than the already mentioned 2 points is giving excuses along the lines of 'sorry … Continue reading Difficult Clients

Complacency – The Root Of All Procrastination

Someone more serious to blog about today .... This has been in my draft folder since July 2015 *gasp* ...... and an issue which I have many serious thoughts on. So long weekend is the perfect opportunity to get this out of 'draft h*ll* so as to speak 🙂 This topic/issue first came about due … Continue reading Complacency – The Root Of All Procrastination